asensei for rowing

asensei for rowing

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Introducing a new connected coaching app that lets world class coaches guide and monitor your practice on your Concept 2 rowing machine.

We couldn’t be more excited to announce asensei for rowing as the first Connected Coaching (TM) product from the team at asensei.

asensei for rowing is an app that allows athletes to join coaching programs created and delivered by world-class coaches, but be guided, monitored and corrected through these programs by your very own personal coach, asensei.

In 1981, Jane Fonda released the first ever workout video on VHS video, and it went on to become a breakthrough success. All over the world, people would stand in front of their TV and do their best to imitate what Jane Fonda and the people in her studio were doing, keeping in time with the video. In the over 30 years that have followed, these workouts have moved from VHS to CD-ROM, to DVD, to a browser or to one of hundreds of fitness apps that allow you to watch videos that still follow the Jane Fonda playbook.

Screens might be packing more pixels, but here is what hasn’t changed — athletes are watching coaches and trying to teach and correct themselves.

It’s time we stopped watching coaches. It’s time we started listening to them, and letting them watch us.

We believe the workout or class you take part in should change in real-time, according to your practice and performance. From studio fitness for the masses, to personal instruction for the individual.

We’re going to reveal many more of the capabilities of asensei here, and invite you to join the early alpha crew of rowers, but to get started:

  • asensei talks to the performance monitor on your Concept 2. She reads force curves. She analyses your performance and uses that to inform your practice. To inform the intent of your practice. Are you losing power at higher stroke rates? Are you losing length when you’re tired? Do you find it hard to hold lower stroke rates consistently? Are you rushing the recovery? Compensating for poor leg drive with over-use of your arms? asensei knows. And she’ll be sure to let you know.
  • asensei can watch your posture and form via sensor-infused sports apparel. Are you over reaching at the catch? Opening your back too early? Shooting the slide in your drive? Letting your legs break before your arms pass knees? With our Kinetic Capture (TM) technology which will be available to members in a new line of rowing apparel in 2018, asensei is trained to watch your posture and form, and steer our coaches towards the drills and skills that will turn your practice into perfect practice. From movement to improvement.

By looking at your posture and your performance together, asensei knows what to coach, and whether the coaching is doing its job — making you stronger, faster, better.

And it’s not just you that will go faster. So will your workouts.

Athletes who train with asensei tell us they never did so much work on an erg and felt the time fly by.

Why not sign up and try for yourself?

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