Master the Machine

Master the Machine

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Master the Machine with asensei and Dr. Cameron Nichol

Whether the goal is that fastest 2k, the most efficient stroke or to beat the competition, Rowing WOD’s Dr. Cameron Nichol will coach you to master the machine.

In the US and the UK for every rower like Hans Struzyna, there are 30–40 other rowers who may never get in a boat but who use the rowing machine as a valuable functional training equipment for strength and conditioning. In the UK and New Zealand we found rugby teams for whom rowing was a core part of preparation.

The rising popularity of rowing, not to mention the explosive popularity of CrossFit ®, where the rowing machine features often, meant it didn’t take long for us to find Dr. Cameron Nichol.

Master the machine with the same coach and coaching offered to CrossFit® games athletes

Cameron first discovered rowing at University College London where he was studying to become a doctor. From his first Coach Chris O’Hara who ignited the spark to row, to Coach Rusty Williams from whom he first heard the words “you could go to the Olympics”, Cameron went on to compete as a senior international rower before training under legendary Team GB coach Jurgen Grobler, together with Christian Felkel, John West and Paul Stannard on the way to London 2012.

After London, Cam decided to fuse his love of rowing with his love of the sport of Crossfit®, and committed to help everyone “master the machine”. In the time we’ve been working with Cameron, he has taught his method all over the world, and coached CrossFit® Games athletes like Sara Sigmundsdottir, Steven Fawcett, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson and two-time CrossFit® Games Champion Annie Thorisdottir.

His RowingWOD™ brand has become synonymous with rowing excellence.

Cameron describes his program as “your blueprint to master the movement and the machine.”

“Your blueprint to master the movement and the machine.”

With structured coaching, he teaches you the secrets of pacing, how to “build your engine” and unlock free speed using your body’s natural biomechanics.

Whether you’re a CrossFitter, complete rowing beginner or aspiring pro, the coaching program we have developed with Cam will open your eyes to moving in line and in time with your potential.

Ready to master the machine with Cam and asensei?

Commit to your first step here:

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