Not everyone that rows, races.

Not everyone that rows, races.

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Whether you are rowing for fun and fitness, rehabilitation and recovery, cross-training or all-round strength and conditioning training, it can be hard to spend focused time on the indoor rower, never mind improve from workout to workout. asensei and former Team USA athlete Johan Quie are changing that.

A huge number of people who row have discovered the sport by discovering group rowing classes, whether it be a national franchise such as Orange Theory Fitness or boutique studios such as CityRow, Engine Room, Iron and Oar or Row House. These classes are filled with athletes who use rowing to cross-train their strength and conditioning, people bored of selling their soul in a spin class, or masters rowers seeking the low impact but hard work that a rowing class offers.

Johan Quie rowing for California Rowing Club (CRC)

Before we had even decided that rowing would be the first sport we would offer Connected Coaching with asensei in, we found ourselves at RowClub, a San Francisco rowing studio operated by Johan Quie and a number of other rowers and trainers.

Johan is a University of Minnesota grad, 2x Canadian Henley champion, and alum of the infamous Red Bull X-Row in Switzerland. After training for the London Olympics in 2012 in both the eight and the pair, he took the many lessons he learned from his coaches and began teaching at RowClub in San Francisco.

Red Bull X-Row 2013 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Johan Quie in the 5th Seat.

Johan recognizes that for many people, while rowing is a sport and a skill they wish to improve at, they aren’t necessarily focused on winning rowing competitions either indoors or outdoors. For those athletes, Johan creates programming that mixes up the rates and speeds, laying down challenges throughout class, and interspersing rowing with core and conditioning work on a mat beside the rowing machine.

When we ran blind trials of Johan’s classes with athletes who knew nothing about asensei, and asked them to score us between 1 and 10 for “how likely they would recommend asensei to others”, 1 in 3 gave asensei and Johan’s class a 10!

Do you want to enhance your rowing endurance and technique in a fast-paced and fun group fitness environment?

Why not sign up for a month of free coaching with asensei?

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