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We have: extensive expertise in low-power wearable electronics, a roadmap and reference design for smart garments, a vertical coaching platform and a marketplace that allows you to reach your consumers with brand- or apparel-specific sport coaching.

We need: apparel partners open to accelerating the journey of their smart garments to market through the asensei product and platform. Help your ambassadors and content do more and inform product creation with deeper consumer engagement.


We have: the ability to layer the asensei experience onto your product and turn your content into coaching - making your equipment an essential part of athletes┬┤programs. Treadmills, weights, rowing machines and more can work with smart clothing to coach and communicate with the athlete.

We need: more equipment manufacturers looking to enhance their products with digital coaching. Expect to attract new athletes to your equipment through specialized training, achieve a deeper level of engagement and transform your product experts and ambassadors into trainers.


We have: ambitious, motivated, world-class sports coaches who recognize that books, videos, seminars and one-to-one training is not sufficient to build a scalable business or deliver maximum impact in their sport.

We need: coaches interested in bringing their expertise to the right athlete at the right time using the asensei platform. We'll help you build an online audience of engaged athletes and earn a successful living doing what you love.


We have: the ability to deliver 100% personalized, technical coaching to your athletes. Through asensei, academic programs can recruit the best talent, offering safe and effective voluntary athlete training that complies with NCAA CARA regulations.

We need: teams and programs wanting to revolutionize the scouting and training process. Attract the best talent, allow prospective athletes to show you their progress and begin honing perfect technique and skills years before they apply. Manage your current team's program, boost performance and reduce injury through optimized training.


We have: the technology and infrastructure to reach and inspire the next generation of athletes through programming and content that allows them to train as their heroes do, deepening engagement through the on- and off-seasons.

We need: partners who want to drive participation in their sports by making world-class coaching available to beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes, and inspire a new generation of fans to wear their colors.


We have: a content marketing platform and an optional talent pool of coaches for brands who wish to deepen engagement with their consumer as an athlete.

We need: brands who want to engage their customers and/or leverage national or global sporting events through health-, fitness- and sports-based campaigns, and syndicate or create relevant, targeted coaching content.


We have: the ability to help organizations transform their digital strategy from convenience to coaching, acquire and retain a new audience of online and at-home clients, and upsell to personal digital coaching.

We need: organizations who want to extend their reach, customer base and revenue. We'll support your coaches in creating engagement-driving content and help your clients benefit from personalized one-to-one training.


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