Body + Coach = Athlete

Body + Coach = Athlete

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We believe it’s time to put the coach back into the equation. It’s a new approach to digital sports coaching that we call “Connected Coaching”. And we’re starting by connecting asensei with your Concept 2 indoor rower, and connecting you with world-class rowing coaches.

We are inspired by coaches; each of the founders at asensei have experienced, first hand, the coach who pushed us beyond our self-imposed limits, who believed in us (before we did), who nurtured us (but not too much), who challenged us (but not unreasonably). We also know what it is to coach. We know the reward of coaching, of working with an athlete to uncover and then unleash their potential. First their athletic potential. And in turn, their human potential.

asensei represents our belief that technology is on the cusp of enabling us to give everyone the experience of being coached by a world-class coach. We believe this happens when we stop asking athletes to watch videos, and instead empower coaches, through asensei, to watch athletes.

The co-founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman said, “if you have a body, you’re an athlete”. We think that’s only half right. We think coaches have been left out of the equation for too long.

Pick a Crew

Whether you’re a high school rower or college rower, hoping to get recruited, make the national team, reach the Olympics, train for an indoor rowing competition, master the machine to bring it to your CrossFit game and be the best in the box, or you want to bring challenge and enjoyment to rowing without aspiring to race, we have a coach lined up to teach you.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be giving away lifetime memberships to asensei to the earliest adopters, and offering you the chance to not just pick a crew, but take a prestigious place as one of the “alpha crew” who will get to shape the content and coaching you’ll receive from asensei.

Why not sign up and meet asensei for yourself?

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