asensei for rowing with Hans Struzyna

asensei for rowing with Hans Struzyna

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Get Recruited or win your seat in the boat with Team USA athlete and Rio 2016 Olympian Hans Struzyna

Many of the athletes we met once we decided to focus on rowing, were high school athletes who dared to dream of being recruited by a top college, so that they might then go on to row with their national team, compete in the world championships or reach the Olympics.

One athlete we met was on that journey when we met him. Hans Struzyna first rowed with his mom, dad and sister on Lake Sammamish in Washington State. Rowing first at school under Coach Ryan Monahan and Coach Greg King, and then for University of Washington under Coach Luke McGee and Coach Mike Callahan. We started working with Hans as he first qualified for, and then rowed at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Get recruited or win your seat in the boat with Team USA and Rio 2016 Men’s 8+ rower, Hans Struzyna.

Hans has a distinctive approach to the rowing calendar, with specific programming for the Fall, Winter Season, Spring and Summer seasons.

Starting with the Winter Season, Hans will work with athletes to establish baselines that he can use to set goals for a 2k time, and then tailor programs that are going to bring those 2k and 6k times in line with your potential.

In addition to coaching on the erg, Hans also provides athletes with the weightlifting instruction and programming you need to supplement your time on the erg.

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