asensei and Jakroo Introduce World's First Motion Capture Apparel for Rowing

asensei and Jakroo Introduce World's First Motion Capture Apparel for Rowing

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Building better athletes one stroke at a time with performance enhancing apparel

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 10, 2017 - Today, asensei, Inc., a Connected Coaching (TM) company specializing in digital sports coaching and smart apparel technology, announced the first partner to incorporate Kinetic Capture (TM) technology into performance sports wear to motion capture athletes and provide real-time feedback and coaching on their practice and performance. Jakroo, a leading manufacturer of customer sports apparel for Cycling, Triathalon and Nordic Skiing will be introducing a new line of rowing apparel in 2018, that will allow athletes to not only customize the look and feel of what they are wearing, but the coaching they will receive while wearing it.

Kinetic Capture brings motion capture technology and detailed performance analysis previously limited to elite athletes with teams of specialists, and makes it available to anyone who can pull on a shirt and shorts. A sensor design that can be incorporated throughout athletic wear translates an athlete's posture and movement into coaching insights. In real-time, asensei uses those insights to coach corrections, all the while guiding and monitoring an athlete as they follow coaching programs from world class athletes and coaches.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and advisor to asensei, Helen Glover, said of her Olympic training, "I worked out that in an Olympic cycle, I take about 4 million practice strokes. For every stroke in an Olympic final, I've taken 16,000 practice strokes. This realization highlighted for me the quality of practice - it's not just being out there taking those strokes, but making sure I'm doing the right thing and having the right learning to make sure I'm ready to perform. This is why I was excited when I was introduced to the team at asensei, and look forward to helping them help more athletes discover and unlock their potential with perfect practice."

Kinetic Capture is a technology that asensei offers royalty-free to athletic wear companies who wish to create smart apparel that can coach athletes in their chosen sport, by observing their posture and technique with embedded motion capture sensors. Matt Powell, VP and Sports Industry Analyst of NPD Group recently discussed how brands can take considerable share of market by offering "many options for customization and personalization". With Kinetic Capture, customization extends to include coaching and personalization extends to personal training.

Of the decision to launch a new line of performance rowing apparel with Kinetic Capture, Derek Wiseman, COO of Jakroo said "Jakroo offers fully customizable technical apparel for cyclists, triathletes, and nordic skiers. With asensei, we will be able to further extend the personalization experience beyond the visual treatment of the product to incorporate personalized training and coaching. With asensei and Jakroo, athletes will be able to create highly customized products tailored to their personal tastes, performance needs and athletic goals. We are excited about introducing this product to the rowing community - helping them reach their goals through personalized performance clothing with personalized performance coaching."

Jakroo rowing apparel will be available to rowers with full customization and design service at the beginning of 2018. Kinetic Capture apparel will become available later the same year.

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About asensei:

asensei is your personal trainer who knows your every move. With sensors throughout your clothing, she tracks your posture and movement. She guides and monitors your practice, and provides feedback on form and progress, all delivered in real-time in your ear.

  • World-class coaches trust asensei to deliver their coaching to athletes exactly as they taught it to her.

  • Athletes trust asensei to connect them with world-class coaches and guide them towards their goals.

  • Our patent pending Kinetic Coaching platform allows asensei to work with apparel companies and fitness equipment manufacturers to make world-class coaching accessible to athletes of all levels in the sport of their choosing.

  • Apparel companies upgrade their apparel with our motion capture sensors so that asensei can make sense of movement and coach athletes in their apparel.

  • Fitness equipment manufacturers integrate with asensei to share real-time metrics so that their equipment is invaluable to athletes and coaches.

Launching in 2017, asensei will first work with athletes, coaches, apparel and equipment manufacturers in the sports of Rowing and Indoor Rowing, closely followed by Olympic Lifting and Yoga. For more information, visit:

About Jakroo:

Jakroo specializes in the design, manufacture and direct sale of customized technical endurance apparel for the cycling, triathlon, running and Nordic skiing markets across Asia, Europe and North America. Our made-to-order, just-in-time (known as JIT) manufacturing process and vertical integration of design, sales and distribution minimizes risk, provides autonomous control of quality across all stages of our vertically integrated supply chain and maximizes value to our customers.

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