What's in an asensei membership?

What's in an asensei membership?

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It's been a while since we gave an update on the asensei membership on here and a few things have changed so here's a quick article to explain what it's all about.

When you subscribe to asensei for rowing you gain access to our full range of rowing programs*, access to our member-only community and additional member-only resources and benefits such as training planners and from time to time exclusive webinar and coach Q&A sessions.

You'll find that all asensei workouts feature personalized goals and challenges, most workouts feature rowalong content from our coaches and some come with automated prompts and coaching tips depending upon the progress you make while rowing in the asensei app.

Choosing Your Workouts and Programs

When you subscribe you will see a full range of content from our coaches such as Olympic Legend Eric Murray, Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing, boutique fitness coach Johan Quie and British Rowing.  Our content comes in a variety of different styles.  

Firstly we have structured multi-week training programs that are designed to be followed in order with specific goals in mind.  (RE)COMMIT, (RE)COMMIT+ and (RE)FOCUS from Eric Murray, Be A Dark Horse by Shane Farmer and Master The Basics from British Rowing fall into this category.  When you follow these programs it's best to do the workouts in the order recommended by asensei, since some of the challenges and targets set for you may be based upon specific sessions you have done earlier in the program, for example in (RE)COMMIT you will perform a 1km test at the end of week 1 and that time is used to set targets for other workouts in the program.  If you have missed a baseline workout for any reason asensei will still try to set you a target but it will be based upon a more general analysis of your past rowing.

Next we have loosely grouped collections of workouts, like Johan Quie's SMILE, SWEAT, SCULPT program.  This is a collection of workouts based around the themes of ENDURANCE, STRENGTH and SPEED.  You can follow the whole program in order, or you can jump to the type of sessions that you feel like.  These sessions include some skills drills and some off-erg drills.

Above and Beyond workouts are designed as standalone sessions and can be used to complement some of the other training programs.  For example (RE)COMMIT is 2-3 workouts each week, but some of you prefer to workout more often, if that's the case then you could add on some of the Above and Beyond workouts to your program or choose a more advanced program like RECOMMIT PLUS (4 rowing workouts per week) or (RE)FOCUS (5 workouts per week).  The Above and Beyond sessions don't usually include a warmup but they will still track you and set your goals and some of the sessions include coaching.  The targets that asensei sets for you will be based on a broad analysis of your previous rowing, whereas within a structured program your goals may well be based upon specific workouts you have already performed (such as a baseline 1km test).  

As part of your asensei membership, we also offer access to a more spartan set of asensei Above and Beyond workouts, these come without coaching or warmups, but feature the same goal-setting and on-screen stats.  These feature collections of 5, 10 and 15 minute workouts and a collection of stroke rate ladders.  These can be great for warmups or as HIIT sessions.

You'll always be recommended a workout by asensei, but if you fancy a change you can select your own anytime, either by selecting and running a workout manually or by switching programs and having asensei walk you through it.  To view your programs: hit the main menu button in the top right of the Up Next Screen then choose PROGRAMS.  There's a search option too on the Programs page, in the top left, which allows you to find a workout based on duration, coach, type and more!

Not sure which program to try?  We'll we've got a whole lot of info about all our programs to help you choose.  Still not sure?  Feel free to reach out via the asensei members community, or directly via support@asensei.com and we'll do our best to help find one that suits you needs.


Training Planners

Many of our workout programs come with training planners to help you plan and ensure you meet your goals.  You will receive links to these planners when you sign up for asensei membership but they can also be  accessed through our members community.  There's an example training plan detailing just the first 3 (RE)COMMIT workouts here.

To access training planners in the app hit the main menu button, then choose PROGRAMS, then from the list appears choose the program of interest (e.g. (RE)COMMIT) and on the page that appears with the list of workouts in the program you will see the planner icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Tap to open the planner.  

Find out more on our support site: Where can I find asensei training planners

Other Benefits

Youtube Channel - Tips, Livestreams, Guides

We have a range of content that we make available via the asensei Youtube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/asensei.  On here you will find a collection of short coaching tips, informational videos about our coaches and programs and we also run a free weekly Livestream workout with coach Eric Murray.  There's more information, including the timetable for these on this page: Livestreaming Workouts with Eric Murray


Our workouts include a range of great technique drills that are useful for improving your technique, whether it is racing starts, improving your stroke or increasing your power these will help rowers of all levels improve.  

Community & Social Media

Our primary members community resource is our Facebook asensei members group.  We realise that not everyone uses facebook so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us directly via support@asensei.com

We are also active on facebook.com/asensei, instagram as asensei_rowing and on twitter as @asensei and you can reach us on those channels.

Our weekly email newsletter has coaching insights and tips, workout of the week, details of new app features and special offers, this is a great way to stay connected - why not sign up now and get a discount on membership!!!.


From time to time we have run interactive webinars with our coaches, giving you a chance to learn more about rowing and get to know them better.


I have another question about asensei

Our FAQ pages are a resource for you that we are constantly updating.  If there's more information that you would like us to add please let us know via support@asensei.com

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