ASENSEI x Virus Apparel Collection: Now Available!

ASENSEI x Virus Apparel Collection: Now Available!

Ross Arnott Ross Arnott
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We're delighted to announce the ASENSEI x Virus Apparel Collection, a range of ASENSEI branded apparel, brought to you with our partners at Virus.  This is a collection of high quality athletic clothing that you can buy in the new ASENSEI X Virus online store.

IMPORTANT: please check sizing guides carefully!  Because the apparel is printed with the asensei logo it is not possible to obtain a refund if the size is incorrect, and the Virus store terms say there are no exchanges or refunds.  However the team at Virus say they may be able to arrange for a store credit or exchange.  

The size guides can be found on each product page as shown below:

asensei x virus apparel collection product page, showing size guide and support 

To see the ASENSEI x Virus apparel collection visit the ASENSEI branded Virus store

Only the items marked ASENSEI, showing the ASENSEI logo in the product images are included in the ASENSEI X Virus collection.  From the link you may also be able to find other clothing from our partner Virus without the ASENSEI logo. 

If you have a favorite item without ASENSEI branding and would like us to consider adding it to the ASENSEI branded collection please let us know via!

asensei apparel, made by Virus - images of models wearing clothing

Note that this clothing is separate to our existing collaboration for ASENSEI x Virus Connected (APP)AREL and it has no sensors in it!  

More About ASENSEI Partner Virus

The top athletes have access to the best apparel, and you should too. At Virus, we design activity specific high performance apparel to give you the confidence to achieve your goals. We believe everyone should have access to technology driven active wear to elevate your performance.

Visit the ASENSEI branded Virus store

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