Our Best 2k Training Plan: RECOMMIT PLUS with Eric Murray

Our Best 2k Training Plan: RECOMMIT PLUS with Eric Murray

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We've created Eric Murray and ASENSEI's best 2k training plan - RECOMMIT PLUS. It is a new 7 week program that will help you hit peak performance in time for your race, event or personal goal! The RECOMMIT PLUS 2km training plan is an extended version of Eric Murray's classic RECOMMIT program, featuring 14 all-new rowalong sessions, with 4 workouts per week. In this article, you will find a complete training plan available for download; a YouTube playlist containing the 14 new workouts; a link to the ASENSEI app (available on iOS) to access the full 28 workouts in the plan; and bonus content featuring expert coaching for the 2k distance from 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Murray. 



This 2k training plan is spread over the course of seven weeks, challenge yourself to complete a total of 28 workouts, with four workouts scheduled per week. To assist you in your journey, a comprehensive Training Plan document is provided, containing detailed information about each workout. Enhance your training experience by delving into Eric Murray's four-part Coaching Gold Series, where you can gain valuable insights. If you decide to use the ASENSEI app you can push your limits by aiming to beat a predicted 2k time set specifically for you by ASENSEI, as well as training against a personalized target split in each workout. 

You can try ASENSEI for free.  When you download the free asensei app from the iOS appstore you will find a selection of free workouts from a range of coaches and trainers to allow you to experience training with asensei. We don't take any card details from you in the app, all you need to do is create an account and we'll only ask for your name and email address.


meet your Coach Eric Murray 2k training plan

Eric Murray knows what it means to make sport and fitness a habitual part of his life. It has been his life. 4 Olympics. 2 Olympic gold medals. 8 World Championship gold medals. Eric has taken the knowledge and expertise it took to get him there, and distilled it into a 7-week 2k training plan.

Watch this short introduction from Eric Murray from the 2k training plan. 


When it comes to the 2k distance in rowing, there are several key elements to consider. First and foremost, establishing a structured training plan is crucial. This plan should include a mix of workouts that focus on building both endurance and power. Incorporating interval training, steady-state rowing, and high-intensity workouts will help improve cardiovascular fitness and develop the muscular strength needed for a successful 2k performance.

Form and technique are paramount in indoor rowing. Taking the time to learn and practice proper rowing technique will not only enhance your efficiency but also minimize the risk of injury. Utilizing resources such as instructional videos or working with a coach can provide valuable feedback and guidance in refining your technique.

In addition to training, paying attention to nutrition and hydration is important. Consuming a balanced diet with adequate carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats will provide the necessary fuel for your workouts. Staying properly hydrated before, during, and after training sessions is also crucial for optimal performance and recovery.

Monitoring your progress and setting goals are essential in 2k training. Use the performance metrics, such as split times and distance, to track your improvements over time. Setting specific and achievable goals can help motivate you during training sessions and provide a sense of accomplishment as you work towards them. 

Finally, incorporating rest and recovery into your training plan is vital. Overtraining can lead to fatigue, decreased performance, and increased risk of injury. Allowing your body sufficient time to recover between workouts will promote muscle repair and adaptation, ultimately leading to better overall performance in your 2k training for indoor rowing.

2k training plan Eric Murray


This 2k training plan is designed to gradually build your progress leading up to your 2k test, ensuring that you are in the best possible position to perform on the day. If you use the app, ASENSEI will guide you throughout the program, providing a target time for your 2k test that adjusts based on your performance over the course of the 7 weeks. The 2k training plan, created by Eric Murray, incorporates workouts specifically designed to help you practice and push your race pace, instilling confidence for test day. In the final week, the training volume is tapered down to allow for proper recovery while maintaining freshness. For instance, there is a 'Perfect Warmup' workout that teaches the ideal amount of time to allocate before your test. Following the test, a recovery workout is included to help you rebound and prepare for your next challenge, after celebrating your completion of the RECOMMIT PLUS 2k training plan!


Our analysis of a cohort of rowers who completed the 6 week RECOMMIT program, using performance data and training frequency, identified 3 key indicators which correlated with improvements Technique, Preparation and Consistency. To find out more, you can read our blog on the The secrets to a faster 2000m indoor rowing test


BONUS CONTENT: Eric Murray's Coaching Gold Series


Understand how to train at low rates to build your fitness faster.


What is correct technique and how can I achieve it? Learn how best to row well, consistently.


How and why you should set benchmarks to optimise your performance and improvement.


Train smart, not hard, by focusing on the optimal harmony and rhythm during the rowing stroke.


Benefits of using an app like ASENSEI

Using an app like ASENSEI can greatly enhance the benefits of using a rowing machine for a 2k training plan. Here’s why:

  • Real-time feedback

    The ASENSEI rowing app provides real-time feedback on your split times, stroke rates, and technique, allowing you to make adjustments during your workout to improve your form and efficiency.

  • Personalized programs

    The ASENSEI rowing app offers personalized programs tailored to your fitness level and goals, to help you get the most out of your workouts. These programs include various workouts and drills designed to improve your rowing technique and overall fitness.

  • Find a suitable session

    The ASENSEI rowing app allows you to choose a workout based on the type of session, the duration, and the coach, according to your preferences, to maximize your workout.

  • Virtual coaching

    The ASENSEI rowing app provides virtual coaching from world-class instructors, including Olympic champions and those who have competed at the highest levels. They guide you through each workout, providing motivation and feedback along the way.

  • Track progress

    The ASENSEI rowing app helps you track your progress over time, allowing you to see how far you’ve come, set new goals for yourself, and stay motivated!



For full details of the enhanced RECOMMIT PLUS training program, including a blank planner for you to schedule your own workouts, you can download the free PDF training plan by clicking on the image below:

Plan Notes:

  1. Some sessions, marked ROW:asensei app are in the asensei app and will provide you with coaching, workout tracking, pace targets and personalized challenges.
  2. If you can’t access the asensei app then you can row any session yourself using the workout descriptions.
  3. ROW: YouTube sessions are on www.youtube.com/asensei and livestreams stay available after the scheduled live time. 
  4. Checkout the asensei LIVESTREAM schedule if you want to row along live and ask Eric questions via the YouTube chat feature.
  5. Don’t worry if you miss a session, you can either catch up another day or skip it and move on, this plan should work for you!


Full description of 14 New Workouts

To find out more about the existing 14 workouts from the (RE)COMMIT PLUS program, download the complete complete training plan found in the previous section.

Cranking Cadence

Learn how to build the stroke rate over time while maintaining correct form. Stroke rate ladder consisting of ten 2 minute pieces at rates increasing from 22spm to 30spm. 40 sec rest between each piece.

Find the Flow

Let’s focus on low/medium stroke rates to help you improve your technique. Four sets of 10min with 1min 30sec rest between each piece. Stroke rates start at 20spm, before climbing up to 26spm in the final set.

Drag Play

Learn how to vary the drag factor to help you find out what setting works for you. Eric explains what it is and how you can measure it (find out more in our drag factor and damper deep dive). A power strokes session consisting of five 6 min pieces at varying rates between 20/22/24/26spm, with 60 sec rest between each set.

Stroke and Glide

Create the right foundations at low stroke rates to learn the balance the balance between output and efficiency. A 45 min workout broken into three 15 min pieces with a 90 sec rest. 1st set is 10/5min at 20/22spm. 2nd set is 5/10min at 20/22spm. Last set is 5/5/5min at 20/22/24spm.

Cardio Crusher

It's a classic workout from Coach Eric, go the the distance and prepare for the middle thousand by rowing at low rates. Four sets of 10min at rates alternating between 20spm and 22spm. There is a 60 sec rest between each piece.

Time to HIIT it

Test your limits through a high-intensity interval training workout, designed to push your lactic threshold. Stroke rate ladder workout consisting of four 8min pieces at rates varying between 20/22/24/26/28spm. There's a 2min rest between each piece.

Pump the Power

A rowing workout at mixed stroke rates, varying the drag factor to help develop power. Six sets of 4min with stroke rates changing between 20/22/24/26/28/30spm with a 1min30sec rest between each piece.

Cruise Control

A change up from intervals, find your pace and hold firm in this steady state session. Two sets of 20min with 2min rest between each piece. First set is 10min at 20spm, 10 min at 22spm. Second set is 10min at 20spm, 5min at 22spm and 5 min at 24spm.

Rise Up

Let's climb the mountain over 21 minutes. The last two intervals are where you must pushed the hardest to make the most of out this session. It's seven sets of 3min with the stroke rates increasing as follows - 22/24/24/26/26/28/30spm. Two min rest between each piece to keep you going.


This rowalong workout features three sets of 7min to give a more realistic time towards 2000m. Three sets of 7min with stroke rates changing every 1/2 mins. Each piece starts at 20/22spm and rises to 26/28spm at the end, with a 2min rest.

Gear Shifter

Changing stroke rates teaches you how to apply pressure and maintain form at different ratios between the drive phase and the recovery. Three sets of 12min rowing at mid to low stroke rates and 2 mins rest between sets.

Perfect Warmup

Designed to ensure you hit your personal best in a race or speed test, this workout will build up your rating and use the warmup to find the correct working zone to target personal bests. It's two sets of 4min with a focus on sub-max race pace and building the stroke rate. 5min rest between each piece.

Pre-Race Shakeout

This session is ideal for a day or two before a rowing race to keep the muscles moving without overtaxing them. Two sets of 10min rowing with a focus on rhythm, relaxation and technical cues race to keep the muscles moving without overtaxing them. 60sec rest between sets. 

Smooth and Steady

A post-test workout session with a focus on technique to stretch out your muscles and improve your recovery. It's three sets of 10min rowing with an emphasis on technique using varying stroke rates between 20spm and 26spm. 45sec rest between each piece.


What is a good 2k rowing time?

A good 2k time for indoor rowing can vary depending on factors such as age, gender, weight, and level of experience. In general, competitive rowers at a high level aim for times under 6 minutes for men and under 7 minutes for women. However, these times represent elite performance and may not be attainable for everyone.

For recreational rowers or those new to indoor rowing, a good benchmark to strive for is typically around 8-10 minutes for men and 9-11 minutes for women. As you progress in your training and gain more experience, you can aim to improve your time and set new personal records.

It's important to remember that individual fitness levels and goals vary, so what may be considered a good 2k time for one person might be different for another. The key is to focus on personal improvement and challenging yourself to reach your own personal best, rather than comparing to others. 

I don't have an asensei compatible rowing setup, can I still join?

If you can't use the asensei app for the RECOMMIT PLUS workouts then YES you can still participate.  You can use the training plan and simply manually program your rowing machine for each workout.

Get More Information about RECOMMIT PLUS

If you want to find out more we'll be featuring more in-depth articles about the RECOMMIT PLUS workouts in the weekly asensei newsletter.  You will receive this automatically if you have created an account in the asensei app, or you can sign up for the asensei Rowing Newsletter here.

How do I join the asensei YouTube workouts? 

Every week we host a free asensei Livestream rowalong workout on the asensei youtube channel featuring Eric Murray. Check out the workouts in this program on the asensei youtube channel by clicking the image below and hit SUBSCRIBE to get notified when there's a new session.

asensei youtube channel


Looking for more from Coach Eric or another new rowing program?  asensei has a range of indoor rowing programs that cover all abilities from complete novice to advanced rower.  Whatever your goal, improve your 2km time, improve your 6km time, lose weight, have a great workout there is something for everyone.  Find out more in Our Favorite Indoor Rowing Programs.  If you want to try some of our workouts for yourself, at no cost, with no obligation, then find out more about the free trial of the asensei app.

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