NEW Rowing Program - QUICKIES with Johan Quie

NEW Rowing Program - QUICKIES with Johan Quie

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Get started with QUICKIES, a collection of six new indoor rowing workouts coached by former Team USA athlete Johan Quie. The program has been designed to increase your aerobic capacity and improve your drive progression through a series of workouts which are around 30 minutes or less. Coach Johan introduces brand new drills from his college program to address common mistakes such as ‘shooting the slide’ and missing the finish. 

Each workout in the Quickies program is designed to be repeated as you improve, so feel free to revisit this program and check your progress. From stroke rate pyramids and sprint intervals, to technical warm-ups and active rest periods, no two workouts are the same.

Quickies Program Intro

Introduction to the QUICKIES program - workout in 30mins or less with asensei + Johan Quie

Personalised Pace Targets

In every workout from the new QUICKIES indoor rowing program, ASENSEI watches as you practice. Train with personalised split targets driven by ASENSEI’s learning algorithms to optimise your workload and improve performance. Coach Johan has designed each workout to push your limits while tackling a variety of challenges to keep you motivated. From intervals in a HIIT workout, to stroke rate pyramids in a steady state row, the QUICKIES program has been put together to help you build speed quickly as ASENSEI coaches you every stroke. Get started today and experience interactive feedback on your split times and stroke rate, as Coach Johan challenges you to push your limits, improve your technique and row faster, for longer.


Structured Training Program

Indoor rowing is a full-body workout which is great for cross-training or as part of a gym session. Whether you are looking for a targeted workout for chest, back or your shoulders, indoor rowing offers a low-impact, high-intensity workout experience unlike no other. What matters most for driving results is achieving consistency in your training and realising your improvement over time.  Our analysis of athlete performance has shown that those who follow structured, progression-based training programs are more likely to increase their capacity to build speed. Read more in our article on The Secrets to Faster 2000m Indoor Rowing Test


Technique Coaching with Johan Quie

Train with world class athlete and coach, Johan Quie, as he guides you through an improvement journey over six workouts, specifically tailored to fit into your day. The focus is all on the leg drive in the QUICKIES program. Looking for more from Coach Johan? Check out LEGS, BODY, ARMS indoor rowing program, inspired from Johan’s college rowing days, which is also available through the ASENSEI subscription.

We're doing this body over pause drill to avoid shooting our slide because that's leaking energy. This drill is the best way to fix this mistake because it teaches you to be in the correct position as we come up to that catch.          

Coach Johan Quie during the Drive Time workout.

QUICKIES New Rowing Program Overview

Drive Time

It's 20mins of rowing with stroke rates varying between 20spm and 26spm. As the first workout, Johan teaches you how to drive the legs effectively for the remainder of the program.

Sprint Training

Six sprint intervals with a rest period of 60-90 seconds in between each piece. Workout consists of three 3.5min pieces at 26spm, followed by three 2min pieces at 26/28/30spm.

Groove Row

A new take on the classic GROOVE ROW workout. 30 minutes of steady state rowing mixed with 30 second intervals at rates between 24spm and 28spm. Designed to be repeated, let's see your progress!

Wind Sprints

Nine 2 minute pieces broken into three sets. In each set, the rates jump between 24/26/28spm. After each piece, there is a 1 minute rest. Your goal is to beat the split as the stroke rate climbs.

Power Progression

Challenge yourself over four 6min stroke rate pyramids with a 1min rest between each set. The hardest piece is the first starting at 28spm, dropping to 24spm and then back to 28spm. Stroke rate lowers by 2spm after each set.

Classic HIIT

An all-time classic - ten 1min intervals with 60 sec rest. Blast off at 26spm in the first piece, lifting to 28spm in the second, and finally up to 30spm. Time to go back down the ladder, beat your splits and then do it all again!



Looking for more from Coach Johan or another new rowing program?  asensei has a range of indoor rowing programs that cover all abilities from complete novice to advanced rower.  Whatever your goal, improve your 2km time, improve your 6km time, lose weight, have a great workout there is something for everyone.  Find out more in Our Favorite Indoor Rowing Programs.  If you want to try some of our workouts for yourself, at no cost, with no obligation, then find out more about the free trial of the asensei app.

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