NEW Rowing Program - EMBARK: Start rowing with WaterRower

NEW Rowing Program - EMBARK: Start rowing with WaterRower

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Coached by Master Trainer Clare Holman from British Rowing, EMBARK: Start rowing with WaterRower is new rowing program from asensei - featuring a variety of workout types plus a guide to the WaterRower itself. The program begins with an overview of the WaterRower, followed by a brief introduction to the rowing stroke and a tutorial on connecting your asensei app. The remaining four workouts focus on building your rowing technique through a structured progression of exercises. Learn how to control your stroke rate, develop the correct sequence of movements and how to apply power! After each workout, Clare will guide you through a set of stretches to improve recovery and flexibility. As you progress, asensei will set personalised split targets for you to hit during each workout. You will find your logged results in the workout summary. Don't worry if you don't have a WaterRower, every asensei program works on all asensei compatible rowing machines, including those from Concept2. Keep reading to find out more about each workout as well as how-to articles for the WaterRower.

EMBARK Program Overview

INTRODUCTION TO THE WATERROWER: a short, non-rowing, informational session to introduce the new program and cover the fundamentals of the rowing stroke. Coach Clare also gives an overview of the WaterRower and a walkthrough on how to connect your asensei app.

Let asensei set your stroke rate and split target, so you can focus on your rowing.

ROWING 10: Learn the basics of the rowing stroke over one 10min piece. It consists of 5 intervals of 1min hard rowing followed by 1min light rowing. After the workout, Clare guides a post-workout stretching routine using the WaterRower!

STROKING THE FIRE: What goes up, must come down! It's a 10min stroke pyramid with rate changes every 2min at 22/24/26/24/22spm. There is a cooldown and stretching post-workout to improve your recovery and build flexibility.

PUNCHING ON: It's Tabata time! This workout is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session consisting of two sets of 3min with a 3min rest in between. Each set breaks down into 6 intervals of 10sec light followed by 20sec intense. The aim of the game is to row further in the second set - let's go!

DRILLING DOWN: Let's push your learning to the next level and finish EMBARK in style! Ever rowed with your eyes closed, practiced drills to hone your sequencing or fired out power 10s? Let's do it all in over a 15min steady state workout broken into three 5min section, each with a specific focus to improve your technique. 

Clare coaches a series of stretches designed to improve flexibility and enhance recovery.

More Info about asensei + WaterRower

To learn more about the WaterRower, you can read one of our recent articles The WaterRower rowing machine Is now compatible with asensei. We also have a guide for Connecting asensei to a WaterRower.

Developing your rowing technique

The EMBARK indoor rowing training program walks you through the basics of the rowing stroke, but to further develop your rowing technique we have a number of additional complementary resources.  This beginners guide to rowing technique is a great read to ensure that you understand the basics of the rowing stroke and why not check out this article on how to increase the power in your rowing stroke.

More Indoor Rowing Programs from asensei

Looking for more from Coach Clare or something new?  asensei has a range of indoor rowing programs that cover all abilities from complete novice to advanced rower.  Whatever your goal, improve your 2km time, improve your 6km time, lose weight, have a great workout there is something for everyone.  Find out more in Our Favorite Indoor Rowing Programs.  If you want to try some of our workouts for yourself, at no cost, with no obligation, then find out more about the free trial of the asensei app.

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