Train for Indoor Rowing Success with Eric Murray and asensei's best 2k training plan, RECOMMIT PLUS

Train for Indoor Rowing Success with Eric Murray and asensei's best 2k training plan, RECOMMIT PLUS

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asensei and Eric Murray are delighted to team up again to offer you a great way to train for the upcoming indoor rowing season.  We've created Eric Murray and asensei's best 2k training plan RECOMMIT PLUS; a new 7 week program that will help you hit peak performance in time for your race or event!  The cohort has now finished but we are currently working to bring it into the asensei app for all subscribers. 

The RECOMMIT PLUS 2km training plan is based around asensei and Eric Murray's classic RECOMMIT program, but we are combining this with additional live sessions each week to augment and enhance your training, and we've also linked in some great articles and informative videos to give you even more tips and advice.  But don't worry the 'live' sessions can be watched anytime on the asensei youtube channel so you can still train when it suits you.


The new RECOMMIT PLUS training plan from asensei and coach Eric Murray includes 4 workouts a week over a 6 week period and then a tapering week before your final workout - the event itself.  The program is designed to be flexible so you can use the planner and start a little earlier or later if that's what suits you, and our planner document will help you schedule sessions when it suits.

How to start training with asensei + Eric Murray

The workouts are a mixture of RECOMMIT sessions in the asensei app and row-along youtube sessions on the asensei youtube channel.  We are working to bring the entire program into the asensei app for all asensei subscribers, but in the meantime you can row along with a few of the sessions on youtube.  

download asensei from the appstore

The asensei app requires that you have an iPhone or iPad and an asensei compatible Bluetooth rowing machine, such as a Concept 2 with a PM5 monitor.  If you don't have the required equipment you can still follow the program using the workout descriptions in the planner document.

Each week of the program we also include some workouts from the asensei youtube channel, including a mixture of Livestream sessions, where you can row along with Olympic Champion Eric Murray and ask him questions via the live chat, and there will also pre-recorded youtube rowalong sessions.  These completely new workouts are designed to complement the existing RECOMMIT sessions in the asensei app.

And last but not least we are sharing some resources to further augment the RECOMMIT PLUS plan, these include coaching tip articles and videos ideal for anyone preparing to race an indoor rowing event such as the British Rowing Festival of Indoor Rowing, the CRASH-Bs or the ErgSprints event.  The links to these additional resources are in the RECOMMIT PLUS training plan (see below).

Find out more from our coach, Eric Murray in the video below:

Eric Murray outlines the RECOMMIT PLUS training plan cohort for BRIC 2022

Download the free RECOMMIT PLUS training plan

For full details of the enhanced RECOMMIT PLUS training program, including a blank planner for you to schedule your own workouts, you can download the free PDF training plan by clicking on the image below:

Download the RECOMMIT PLUS plan PDF including planner

Plan Notes:

  1. Some sessions, marked ROW:asensei app are in the asensei app and will provide you with coaching, workout tracking, pace targets and personalised challenges.
  2. If you can’t access the asensei app then you can row any session yourself using the workout descriptions.
  3. ROW: YouTube sessions are on and livestreams stay available after the scheduled live time. 
  4. Checkout the asensei LIVESTREAM schedule if you want to row along live and ask Eric questions via the YouTube chat feature.
  5. Don’t worry if you miss a session, you can either catch up another day or skip it and move on, this plan should work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not competing in an indoor rowing competition, can I still join the cohort?

If you are not able or keen to join an indoor rowing competition then YES, absolutely you can still join the cohort.  You can row the final 2km race in the asensei app where the workout is called EMPTY THE TANK and benefit from asensei's split time targets and tracking.  

I don't have an asensei compatible rowing setup, can I still join?

If you can't use the asensei app for the RECOMMIT workouts then YES you can still participate.  You can use the training plan and simply manually program your rowing machine for each workout.

Get More Information about RECOMMIT PLUS

If you want to find out more we'll be featuring more in-depth articles about the RECOMMIT PLUS workouts in the weekly asensei newsletter.  You will receive this automatically if you have created an account in the asensei app, or you can sign up for the asensei Rowing Newsletter here.

How do I join the asensei YouTube workouts? 

Every week we host a free asensei Livestream rowalong workout on the asensei youtube channel featuring Eric Murray.  For the duration of the RECOMMIT PLUS cohort (until the 10th Dec 2022) these sessions will be complementary to the program, featuring additional tips and learnings to help you achieve peak performance on raceday.  We'll also be publishing some additional rowalong pre-recorded sessions during the RECOMMIT PLUS cohort, to give you a total of 4 sessions a week for your training program.

Check out the workouts in this program on the asensei youtube channel by clicking the image below and hit SUBSCRIBE to get notified when there's a new session.

asensei youtube channel

Can I SIGN UP & SAVE for more training with an asensei membership?

The RECOMMIT program is free in the asensei app until Sunday 11th Dec 2022, but if you enjoy the RECOMMIT PLUS program you can sign up for a membership at asensei and save 35% on the usual cost, using code: BRIC22-35OFF. You'll receive a load of additional workouts, training plans, drills, warmups, stretches, off-erg exercises and more!  Find out more about what's included in an asensei membership.



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Can I Sign Up For the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2022?

The British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRICs) 2022 have unfortunately been cancelled and entries received before cancellation are being refunded by British Rowing.  Find out more about the reasons for cancellation at British Rowing's BRICs Page.

What is the British Rowing Festival of Indoor Rowing?

British Rowing have launched their inaugural Festival of Indoor Rowing for Dec 2022.  The Festival itself is open to anyone who enjoys indoor rowing, from competitive indoor rowers to fitness enthusiasts or complete beginners.

If you row the final EMPTY THE TANK 2000m workout in the asensei app this can be counted towards the Indoor Rowing League and may qualify you for a medal!  You'll just need a screenshot of your result for this workout.

More information is below:

What is the British Rowing Festival of Indoor Rowing?

An exciting new online indoor rowing festival from British Rowing, for both indoor enthusiasts (and those who were going to enter BRIC) to engage in a form of an indoor rowing competition.  The Festival is open to anyone who enjoys indoor rowing, from competitive indoor rowers to fitness enthusiasts or complete beginners. 

What's going to happen at the Festival?

Central to the Festival is an online LEAGUE, through which indoor rowers can compete in events across the traditional BRIC racing distances. They’ll be able to register, submit a time, and win medals.

Alongside this there will be scheduled indoor rowing activities throughout the day on 10 December. These will include online group workouts to encourage people to get on a machine and join in.

British Rowing designed the various activities in the Festival to provide a suite of options to cater for all types of indoor rowers and rowing groups with their differing motivations and access needs.

British Rowing Indoor Rowing Festival schedule

The British Rowing Festival of Indoor Rowing LEAGUE (5-10 December)

On 5 December we will open the Festival of Indoor Rowing LEAGUE to kick start the week. The LEAGUE is accessible to everyone, whatever machine you use.

British Rowing Festival Day (10 December: 9am to 5pm)

The LEAGUE continues to be open alongside a packed schedule of different activities throughout the day on 10 December. 

The aim is to give people different ways to get on indoor rowing machines together. You don’t have to do this on your own. The Festival is about creating and growing the indoor rowing community.

Results (11 December)

Results from the LEAGUE announced and close of the British Rowing Festival of Indoor Rowing 2022.

Find out more on the British Rowing website's dedicated hub page here:

What is the ErgSprints Event?

Erg Sprints is an historic and well attended in-person indoor rowing competition held on the East Coast of the USA each year. Erg Sprints 2023 features the 2,000 meter events, 1/2 marathon and marathon, 20-minute junior and 30-minute open/masters rows, 500m sprints, relays, parent/child and kids races. New in 2023 is the C2 Triathlon, featuring bike, ski, and row. 

It's scheduled to be held on 4th Feb 2023 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

To find out more about the ErgSprints event go to 

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