NEW Indoor Rowing Program - LEGS, BODY, ARMS with Johan Quie

NEW Indoor Rowing Program - LEGS, BODY, ARMS with Johan Quie

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Inspired by Johan Quie’s college rowing days, LEGS, BODY, ARMS is a new asensei indoor rowing program consisting of seven workouts for all abilities and fitness levels - whether you have just started or are looking to beat your PB! Each workout is filled with insider tips on how to improve your rowing technique, drawn from Johan's first-hand experience as a former Team USA athlete and his time as a studio rowing coach in San Francisco. From sprint intervals to power 10s, rate pyramids to plank exercises, no two workouts are the same.

"Imagine you are pushing a fridge away from you while sitting down, that's the feeling you are looking for when driving your legs. Kick too hard, and the fridge will fall. That's how we want to increase the speed of the leg drive."

- Coach Johan during DRENCHED

Each workout in the program is designed to be repeated, so you can come back to them many times, challenging yourself to improve!

Get started today and experience interactive asensei feedback on your split times and stroke rate, as asensei challenges you to push your limits, improve your technique and row faster, for longer. Where there are power 10s, asensei provides workout summaries to see how hard you pushed!

indoor rowing program

Coach Johan during DRENCHED workout where he rows in "almost a monsoon"!

LEGS, BODY, ARMS Program Overview

BLAST OFFS: Launch the program in style with a workout designed to shake your system. Row for 5min at rates between 20spm and 20spm, paddle for 1min, before blasting off at 28spm for 2min. One done, two to go!

DRENCHED: A sweat-filled workout with changing rates, power 10s and elbow planks. It's three sets of 7min at 22spm/24spm/26spm with 90sec active rest, but watch out - there are power 10s at 26spm in the final set.

SPEED BUMPS: Almost halfway and we have seven sets of 4min and 2min pieces at varying between 26spm/28spm/30spm. The goal is to aim for a consistent split across the seven pieces.

"Just remember that sequence of legs, body, arms, arms, body legs. The most common mistake people make is lifting up the knees too early."

- Coach Johan during 20MIN ROW

THE REBOUND: "The last metre, how you do that, that's what counts".* It's five sets of 4min - the first 2min is at 22spm, the third minute jumps to 26spm/28spm and the last minute rebounds to 22spm.

TOTAL 90: Brace yourself for a HIIT workout, Johan style. It's a stroke rate pyramid with nine sets of 90sec, going from 20spm to 28spm. The challenge is to beat your distances on the way back down to 20spm.

20MIN ROW: A packed workout filled with seven power 10s and post-workout feedback. Try this workout a few times to see your improvement.

SHIFTY: Channel your inner rate shifting machine and take it to the line over two 10min pieces. First and last three minutes are at 24spm/26spm. During the middle 4min, you will experience rate changes every 30sec between 26spm and 30spm.

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* Quote from Olympic Rowing Coach, Jurgen Grobler.

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