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The WaterRower Rowing Machine Is Compatible With asensei.

The WaterRower Rowing Machine Is Compatible With asensei.

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Invented by Yale University engineer and USA Rowing National Team candidate John Duke in 1988, the WaterRower has been hand-built in North America from fine Appalachian hard woods for nearly 35 years. The enduring appeal of this machine comes thanks to its impeccable marriage of form and function; harnessing water resistance to replicate the sensory experience and many physiological benefits of real rowing, packaged in a beautifully minimal design.

Now it’s possible to further upgrade the experience of the award winning WaterRower by pairing it with asensei.

Why the WaterRower?

The full-body nature of working out on the WaterRower makes it one of the most effective workouts you can do, whether for burning fat, toning muscle or improving cardiac health. The benefits are felt from head to toe, with every stroke seeing almost 85% of the bodies total muscle mass recruited. The smooth, self regulating resistance generated by the water flywheel is easy on the back and creates zero impact on joints. It’s also nearly silent in use, producing nothing more than a satisfying whoosh as you drive water around the tank.

When not in use, your WaterRower can be just as pleasing, and easy, to live with. Hand built from a range of sustainably sourced timbers grown in the North American Appalachian Mountain ranges, the machine is beautifully designed with a timeless, minimal scandinavian style. Available in a selection of finishes to suit your interior, you can also easily stand the machine upright, where it will take up about as much space as a dining room chair when you aren’t using it.

Pairing with asensei allows you to enjoy world class workouts on one of the finest rowing machines, all from your own home.

Why asensei?

Pairing your WaterRower with asensei delivers a world of high quality, carefully guided training to the comfort of your own home. Train alongside world class athletes and follow personalised training plans to fully unlock the many fitness benefits of your WaterRower.

As you workout with the likes of Eric Murray, Dark Horse Rowing and Johan Quie, asensei continuously tracks your numbers in the background and then crunches the numbers and tailors your workouts accordingly - to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. With a more structured and informed approach to training, motivation and results come easier. Chart your improvements in the lifelong coaching journal and share your successes via the app.

What do I need?

Once you have downloaded the app, asensei is compatible with WaterRower rowing machines with Bluetooth support. This means that you must have a WaterRower with an S4 Performance Monitor and a ComModule installed. If you already own a WaterRower with an S4 monitor and would like to purchase a ComModule to add Bluetooth functionality to your rowing machine you can do so here:

USA - https://www.waterrower.com/ca/commodule.html

UK - https://www.waterrower.co.uk/commodule

Germany - https://www.nohrd.com/de/waterrower-com-module.html

Others: https://www.nohrd.com/de/chose-country/

Connection Steps

To connect asensei+WaterRower

  1. Open the asensei app (or download from the appstore)
  2. Start a workout, asensei will prompt you to connect at the appropriate time. 
  3. Turn the S4 Performance Monitor on using the Power button.
  4. Press the button on the top of the ComModule which should flash Blue to indicate it is advertising (ready to connect).

The rowing machine will now be visible to asensei and should connect automatically. Once the connection is established the workout will progress.

Where to buy

To browse the WaterRower line and purchase, head to:

USA - waterrower.com

UK - waterrower.co.uk

Germany - www.nohrd.com/de/

Others: www.nohrd.com/de/chose-country/

Download asensei today

Eric Murray asensei Rowing Coaching

asensei is free to download and you can trial a number of workouts, including the first 3 in the (RE)COMMIT program and let Eric calculate a 2k time that he can coach you to achieve in only 6 weeks.

All you need is an iPhone and access to an asensei Compatible rowing machine from Concept 2, WaterRower or FluidRower with a bluetooth capable monitor.download asensei from the appstore

If you wish to sign up for a membership giving access to all of asensei's coaching and workouts go to: www.asensei.com .

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