Speede Fitness partners with ASENSEI to create a groundbreaking movement tracking experience

Speede Fitness partners with ASENSEI to create a groundbreaking movement tracking experience

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Fitness startup adds new capabilities as it prepares for fall 2022 launch

CHICAGO, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Speede Fitness, a Chicago-area strength training startup, announced a new partnership with technology company ASENSEI to incorporate advanced movement tracking and understanding on its Speede Challenger machine, which is scheduled to ship in fall 2022. ASENSEI is highly renowned in the fitness industry for its pioneering work in form-tracking and form-tracking powered experiences using computer vision and connected apparel.

"With four training modes including powerful isokinetic and eccentric training, the Speede Challenger was already going to be a gamechanger for professional athletes and at-home users," said Dan Mooney, co-founder of Speede. "Now, with 3D computer vision, exercise recognition and understanding and form-tracking powered experiences offered by ASENSEI's technology, we're unlocking new capabilities for physical therapy, recovery and health diagnostics."

Speede Fitness has partnered with ASENSEI to include advanced motion tracking on its connected fitness machine.

"We're proud to be partnering with Speede to help create a first-of-its-kind strength training experience," says Steven Webster, CEO of ASENSEI. "Never before has a machine offered the kind of training you'll find on Speede—and now combining that with advanced 3D range of motion measurement, assessment and recommendations will truly separate Speede from the rest. Utilizing ASENSEI's technology, Speede can deliver breakthrough experiences for athletes, trainers, therapists, and anyone who's serious about getting stronger."

Speede's announcement comes on the heels of other higher-profile moments for the company, including oversubscribing its recent seed round and signing UFC fighter Michael Chandler as Chief Athletic Officer. As the first connected fitness machine to combine isotonic, isokinetic, and max eccentric training for faster strength gains, Speede has drawn the attention of fitness investors and a host of professional athletes. Equity holders in the company include Justin Fields, Cole Kmet, Jaylon Johnson and DeAndre Houston-Carson of the Chicago Bears, Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos, Marquez Valdes-Scantling of the Kansas City Chiefs, Elijah Wilkinson of the Atlanta Falcons, pro soccer player Lauren Sesselman, Mason Plumlee of the Charlotte Hornets, and 2x NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer.

ASENSEI will preview its work for Speede at the upcoming IHRSA Convention in Miami on June 23-24. Visitors will have the chance to try the Speede Challenger for themselves, meet Speede Pro Athletes, and hear from the ASENSEI team directly.

To learn more, visit Speede.fit or contact co-founder Dan Mooney at dan@speede.fit.

About Speede Fitness

Speede Fitness is a strength training startup that helps people get stronger faster. Backed by artificial intelligence and the latest muscle science, their new machine, the Speede Challenger, will offer isokinetic, eccentric and isotonic training to commercial and at-home users. Speede is backed by equity holders from the NFL, NBA, UFC and NCAA. Learn more at http://speede.fit.


ASENSEI is the easiest way to add form-tracking and form-tracking experiences to a Connected Fitness product.

  • ASENSEI provides the sensor harnesses for connected apparel, as well as 3D computer vision for camera-based products.

  • ASENSEI provides a cross-platform software development kit that allows developers to add form-tracking and coaching to their products in under an hour.

  • ASENSEI provides an ever growing technique library of exercises in strength, mobility, yoga, Pilates, boxing, rowing, TRX and more

  • ASENSEI provides blueprint experiences that accelerate time to market for form-tracking powered experiences including movement screens, new customer onboarding, instructional learning, real-time coaching cues, post workout analysis, room-scale tracking and leaderboards and skill-based learning paths.

ASENSEI: Practice. Perfected. Learn more at http://asensei.ai


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