ASENSEI and movr Personalize Connected Fitness with AI Movement Analysis

ASENSEI and movr Personalize Connected Fitness with AI Movement Analysis

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By combining 3D Form Tracking with mobility analysis and personalized exercise selection, ASENSEI and movr is the easiest way to add personalized content and coaching to Connected Fitness products.


ASENSEI, the company offering the easiest way to add form tracking and personalized coaching to sport and fitness products, has partnered with movement assessment platform movr, to combine 3D computer vision form analysis with movement assessments to personalize exercise selection in Connected Fitness products.

Before this integration, Connected Fitness products had no understanding of how well a person can do what is asked of them, or help them improve. Now, Connected Fitness product teams can add form-tracking, movement assessment and workout personalization using their own content library in a matter of hours.

Using the camera on a smartphone app or Connected Fitness product, correctness and quality of movement is continually measured by ASENSEI and analyzed by movr to personalize workouts for everyone.

  • No more asking customers to perform exercises they don’t have the capability to perform correctly.
  • No more coaching cues that require someone to “push past the pain”.
  • No more generic warmups, cooldowns or stretching recommendations; select exercises that are tailored to the individual and targeted to improve mobility and flexibility.
  • Reward progress by unlocking new content that matches challenge with capability.

“The team at movr share our vision for in-workout, on-the-fly movement assessments that don’t have to feel like a clinical experience. Rowers can warm up rowing, a Pilates student can train on their reformer, or a functional fitness athlete can follow a strength warm up”, says Blake Whitcomb, VP of Partnerships at ASENSEI, and a former strength and performance coach. “Not only does this partnership with movr allow us to personalize warmups, cooldowns, and workouts, but it allows us to personalize the coaching cues we use, based on how well we know their body. If you are moving, we are measuring, and for the first time AI insight into movement quality will personalize exercise recommendations over time.” movr has partnered with influential wellness brands like Lululemon and had their mobility assessment and recommendation engine validated by the University of British Columbia. In a survey of over 25,000 people, movr learned that almost 9 in 10 people reported physical limitations to exercise. More than half experienced discomfort. “Enjoyment drives engagement, and progression drives retention”, says Steven Webster, CEO of ASENSEI. “Being able to easily assess someone’s mobility, adapt their workouts to match their capability and bring them personalized content that helps them move and improve is a must-have capability for every Connected Fitness product. By partnering with movr, we combine our knowledge of how to track and understand form and teach exercise, with movr’s knowledge of what to track and teach. It’s AI coaching meets AI content.”

“We believe that every connected fitness product can be made better if we personalize the experience around a customer’s ability and mobility”, says Aaron de Jong, CEO of movr. “Adding form-tracking from ASENSEI turns a subjective self-assessment into an objective assessment that is invisible to the end user. Meanwhile, movr transforms form-tracking from fault correction into course correction. The combination of our capabilities becomes a powerful foundational technology for personalized connected fitness.”

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ASENSEI is the easiest way to add form-tracking and form-tracking experiences to a Connected Fitness product.

ASENSEI provides the sensor harnesses for connected apparel, as well as 3D computer vision for camera-based products.

ASENSEI provides a cross-platform software development kit that allows developers to add form-tracking and coaching to their products in under an hour.

ASENSEI provides an ever growing technique library of exercises in strength, mobility, yoga, Pilates, boxing, TRX and more

ASENSEI provides blueprint experiences that accelerate time to market for form-tracking powered experiences including movement screens, new customer onboarding, instructional learning, real-time coaching cues, post workout analysis, room-scale tracking and leaderboards and skill-based learning paths.

ASENSEI: Practice. Perfected

About movr

movr is a health technology company aiming to change the way the world moves, thinks and talks about our bodies.

We do so by continuing to innovate with our own app and by integrating with other fitness and health technology companies who are innovating the future of movement health.

Our emphasis is on helping people move better, not just more.

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