SeventySix Capital Invests in Fitness Tech Company ASENSEI

SeventySix Capital Invests in Fitness Tech Company ASENSEI

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ASENSEI.AI is the easiest way to add form-tracking and personalization to Connected Fitness Products

Conshohocken, PA | July 20th 2022 | -- SeventySix Capital invested in award-winning fitness technology company, ASENSEI. Powered by 3D computer vision or connected apparel, ASENSEI has unlocked how human movement is observed, understood, coached, and corrected, so that digital fitness apps and connected fitness products can deliver the next generation of personalized experiences to their customers, powered by form-tracking.

ASENSEI offers a cross-platform software development kit - ASENSEI.AI - that adds motion capture to existing products with only a few lines of code. A patented approach to understanding posture and movement allows ASENSEI to add new exercises and movements in a matter of hours. For connected fitness brands including Reform RX, Speede, MOVR and CLMBR, ASENSEI’s solution brings new levels of personalization and engagement to products, designed to acquire, engage and retain customers through deep personalization that meets individuals where they are in their practice.

ASENSEI is led by Co-founder and CEO Steven Webster, who sold his first company to Adobe, before working at Microsoft alongside the Microsoft Kinect and XBox Fitness teams. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Ross Arnott served as Director of Engineering at Cirrus Logic, designing and putting chips in products for companies including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Meanwhile, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Bill Burgar took his speech recognition company public on the London Markets, prior to leading the design and development of the movement recognition platform underpinning ASENSEI.

ASENSEI has a partnership with FORTË, a SeventySix Capital portfolio company, that enables people to virtually access live and on-demand, cost-effective, premier fitness content anytime, anywhere.

“We were connected to SeventySix Capital by Lauren Foundos, CEO of FORTË, during our integration process with them,” stated ASENSEI CEO Steven Webster. “She shared how helpful SeventySix Capital’s team and relationships in the sports industry have been in building her company, and we are confident that they can do the same for us as we look to supercharge ASENSEI’s growth.”

“We believe that ASENSEI will transform the fitness industry as a must-have in every digital fitness app and connected fitness product,” commented Chad Stender, Partner at SeventySix Capital. “Our team is looking forward to working with them as they scale their business.”


ASENSEI is the easiest way to add form-tracking experiences to a Connected Fitness product. ASENSEI provides a cross-platform software development kit that allows developers to add form-tracking and coaching to their products in under an hour, removing the expense of a months-long process endured by companies who try to build rather than buy a form-tracking solution. ASENSEI provides an ever growing technique library of exercises in strength, mobility, yoga, Pilates, boxing, TRX and more. ASENSEI provides blueprint experiences that accelerate time to market for form-tracking powered experiences including movement screens, new customer onboarding, instructional learning, real-time coaching cues, post workout analysis, room-scale tracking and leaderboards and skill-based learning paths. To learn more about ASENSEI, visit

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SeventySix Capital is a sports-focused venture capital company that has been building sports technology companies for over two decades and leverages that experience through its Sports Advisory consulting group. SeventySix Capital also has its Athlete Venture Group, which allows current and former players to invest, learn, and work directly with top sports startups and entrepreneurs. To learn more about SeventySix Capital, visit

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