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Pilates Reformer Use "asensei inside" For Real-Time Coaching

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asensei's (APP)AREL, ONBOARDING and REAL-TIME COACHING solutions elevate the Reform RX experience with form tracking that understands how Pilates should be practiced, putting the voice of Reform RX coaches in a student's ear with real-time adjustments and technique coaching.

(San Francisco, CA – December 7, 2021) asensei, the company offering the easiest way to add form tracking and real-time coaching to sport and fitness products, has partnered with connected Pilates Reformer, Reform RX, to offer technique lessons that teach correct movement and form, as well as on-demand classes that are truly personalized for any individual.

The Reform RX Connected Coaching experience is enabled by asensei's (app)arel technology, which weaves motion capture sensors into fashionable and functional performance apparel. Reform RX will offer a collection of Reform RX Connected Apparel that has "asensei inside". Meanwhile, Reform RX are working with the asensei.ai SDK to add instructional content and real-time coaching to on demand and live classes.

The Reform RX is now available for preorder on the Reform RX website ; orders for Reform RX Connected Apparel will open in the first half of next year.

"The first generation of Connected Fitness products simply required a screen that could stream canned video or live broadcasts to your equipment," says asensei CEO, Steven Webster. "Recent product announcements including Tonal, Tempo Move, Mirror Smart Weights, Freeletics Staedium and Peloton Guide show that the next generation of Connected Fitness products must include form-tracking that ensure safe and correct practice for newcomers, as well as skill-based progression for athletes of all levels."

"We didn't just set out to design the world's first digitally connected Pilates reformer, but the world's best in home Pilates experience," says Neal McGaffin, Managing Director of Reform RX. "We replaced clumsy and unsafe spring loaded systems with easy to use buttons and resistance. Our Smart Spine(TM) is packed with sensors that track and customize workouts for our students. We chose to partner with asensei to enhance our user's experience with real-time form correction, personalized for every individual"

"The Reform RX is exactly the kind of product asensei has been developed for, " adds Webster. "The team are not just delivering beautiful, high-quality product aimed at both the consumer and commercial markets; they are also focused on turning a habit of practice into a lifetime of progression. We're excited by their vision for the future of Pilates, and we're delighted to be part of it."

CEO of Reform RX, Yvette McGaffin understands most the importance of the role of the instructor in a Pilates Reformer class. Yvette isn't just a co-founder of the husband-and-wife Reform RX team, but a 15-year veteran of the Pilates business, a Pilates studio owner and coach on the Reform RX platform. "When I first experienced asensei for myself, I was impressed at the accuracy and finesse with which asensei could recognize, count and correct a repertoire of complex movements. But when the team asked me to sit on a rowing machine - something I've never been taught to use properly - and asensei's technology was able to spot faults in my rowing stroke, and then teach me move-by-move (just as a rowing instructor would) how to fix and improve my stroke .... that's when I really saw the future. That's when I realized that Reform RX with asensei inside could enhance the direction provided by our phenomenal instructors, marrying at-home Pilates with in-person coaching."

Some 55% of customers buying fitness products have said they want coaching to help them improve. The enabling technology for personalized AI coaching is form-tracking, a must-have capability validated by the rate of investment and pace of innovation from companies like Tonal, Tempo, Freeletics, Mirror by Lululemon and Peloton.

"asensei is the easiest way to add form-tracking and coaching to a Connected Fitness product.", adds Webster. "With our asensei.ai (“asensei inside”) SDK, adding 3D form-capture and coaching to connected fitness products and apps can be achieved by a brand’s developers in less than an hour. From there, we offer customers a roadmap of prebuilt coaching capabilities that build on the foundational capabilities like exercise recognition, real-time correction and rep-counting, as well as an ever expanding repertoire of exercises across all sports and activities."

Some of the most popular use-cases customers are seeking to implement with Connected Coaching™ powered by asensei.ai include:

  • Onboarding lessons that teach beginner to advanced techniques that will appear in workouts.
  • Movement screens during warmups that allow instructors to adjust programming, and recommend supplemental strength and mobility exercises.
  • Real time feedback on form during practice, and observed areas for improvement post-practice
  • Skill-based learning paths that allow athletes to progress from beginner lessons to teacher-training programs.

Find out more at www.asensei.ai

Potential partners should reach out to partners@asensei.com

Media contact: dillon@igtstudio.com

About asensei

Founded in 2014, asensei is democratizing access to world class instruction by offering the easiest way to add technique coaching to any sport, fitness or physical therapy product. For apparel and equipment providers, connected fitness or brick and mortar facilities, asensei strengthens engagement, locks in loyalty and improves retention by turning solo practice into instructional learning, weaving connected coaching into clothing and showing customers measurable progress along their learning path. The asensei.ai technology platform offers everything a brand needs to bring Connected Coaching™ to their customers.

asensei: Practice. Perfected

About Reform RX

Reform RX is the first digitally connected Pilates reformer with live and on-demand content. Train with top instructors for the best workout in your own home.

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