ASENSEI opening doors on the ASENSEI INNOVATION LAB in Portland, Oregon.

ASENSEI opening doors on the ASENSEI INNOVATION LAB in Portland, Oregon.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 24 2022

ASENSEI partners with Living Labs PDX to offer customers a real world environment for ideation, co-creation, prototyping and testing Connected Fitness products and Connected Studios with fitness consumers.

ASENSEI, the company offering the easiest way to add form tracking and personalized coaching to sport and fitness products, has partnered with Living Lab PDX, a consumer research and innovation lab focused on helping health and fitness brands connect with who they serve, to create a one-of-a-kind innovation studio to ideate, create and consumer test form-tracking powered products and experiences.

The ASENSEI INNOVATION LAB is housed inside a 6500 square foot space, Living Lab PDX, that can best be described as a cross between an IDEO and Apple inspired design-thinking studio, an Microsoft and Dolby inspired technology incubator, and a state of the art fitness facility, equipped with the latest tools from CrossFit and boutique gyms. The Living Lab boasts over 250 local members, the perfect community of users to co-create and test new Connected Fitness and Connected Studios with, powered by ASENSEI.

Andrew Leslie and Anton Fero, Co-Founders of Living Lab PDX, join Steven Webster the CEO of ASENSEI, in bringing this new design-led innovation capability to ASENSEI’s customers in Connected Health and Fitness and Connected Gyms and Studios. Both Leslie and Webster have careers that have taken them from their home towns in Scotland to the West Coast of the USA, by following a passion for Design-thinking and Technology Innovation. Leslie found his way to Portland, Oregon with a career in innovation and design leadership at Adidas. Meanwhile, Webster found his way from Edinburgh to San Francisco, California with the sale of his technology and design consultancy to Adobe, where he led technology, design and innovation inside of Adobe Consulting.

The ASENSEI INNOVATION LAB is located in the St. Johns neighborhood in NW Portland, an area Co-Founder Anton Fero has been focused on building and supporting community through health and fitness for the past 6 years. This area is also conveniently equidistant from campuses including Nike’s Beavertown campus and the Intel Sports and Olympic Technology Groups.

“One of my favorite clients at Adobe was the Nike NXT team who we worked with on campus for many years”, says Webster. “Being back in Portland is a homecoming of sorts, bringing design and technology innovation to the next generation of Connected Health and Fitness companies. It’s the culmination of everything I learned bringing design-led innovation to Adobe and Microsoft’s most strategic customers, and now offering the same service in Connected Health and Fitness for ASENSEI’s customers”.

The ASENSEI INNOVATION LAB will allow ASENSEI to offer a number of capabilities, anchored in design-thinking and technology innovation, to customers who are bringing form-tracking experiences to market, Powered by ASENSEI.

  • Innovation workshops that explore the “Art of the Possible” amidst a showcase of products Powered by ASENSEI

  • The lab will have a working multi-camera, multi-person form-tracking studio to pilot and test Connected Gym and Studio experiences.

  • Concept ideation, product co-creation, and user-testing, with a collective of thought leaders drawn from the Living Lab community.

  • An environment for Human Performance Specialists and Coaches to train ASENSEI in the specifics of their sport or coaching methodology, and teach repertoires of new exercises and drills, for ASENSEI to recognize and coach.

  • QA Testing of Connected Health and Fitness products, and Connected Gym and Studio experiences.

“We designed the Living Lab to help brands connect more deeply with who they serve. To unearth insight, co create & test new ideas, but in a truly living lab, with a real fitness community.”, says Andrew Leslie, Co-Founder of Living Lab PDX. “In partnership with ASENSEI, we now have the opportunity to support brands that are building the best in class form-tracking powered products, helping them to put real people at the center of these new digital experiences”.

Connected Health and Fitness customers wishing to bring their ideas and products through the ASENSEI INNOVATION LAB, should contact Blake Whitcomb, VP of Partnerships, at

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