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Why choose Indoor Rowing: All Pros, No Cons!

Why choose Indoor Rowing: All Pros, No Cons!

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Olympian Eric Murray has created a series of videos to improve your training and mindset for competition.   So whether you’re an elite athlete, chasing a new PB or just setting yourself a benchmark to improve upon –  there is something for everyone with Team asensei!

The benefits of a rowing machine range from reduced injury risk to the varied types of workouts you can complete. 

The rowing ergometer (erg) is ideal for completing both high intensity cardio workouts, and lower rate fat-burning workouts.  You can complete a full resistance based aerobic workout, building and working the muscles in your legs, abs and arms.

Learning rowing


1)    High Intensity/Low Impact

With the rowing machine, you can work to your max without the impact on your knees and joints.  If you have bad knees, are suffering from the early stages of arthritis or previously had an injury in your leg, the rowing machine is the best option for you.  Building the muscle around your legs and knees is important for preventing injuries and further issues, rowing is ideal for this as it focuses on the entire leg, particularly the quads and glutes.


2)    Less Pain/More Gain

Rowing uses concentric contractions, causing muscles to shorten and generate force while building & strengthening the muscle.  Weightlifting uses eccentric contractions which causes the muscles to lengthen under an opposing force, this can be painful and result in the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), especially for beginners.  Rowing reaps the same benefits without as much post-workout pain, meaning you can work out more consistently for longer.


3)    Full Body Workout

Although rowing mainly strengthens the legs through the push motion in the drive, your abs, back and arms also get used. The core benefits from the control and stability required for correct technique, and the arms get their own minor workout too.  The core and back strength required to stay upright helps strengthen the often-neglected lower back and improve posture.  asensei gives you real time feedback on your splits, stroke rate and progress, setting you targets personalised for your ability and what they know you can achieve.  There is also an option work with some of the world’s top rowing professionals to improve your form and technique on the rowing machine.


4)    Strong Body/Strong Mind

Rowing doesn’t just help boost your physical health, it is great for your overall wellbeing and mental health.  Not only to you get those mood boosting endorphins post workout, but you also get a sense of achievement.  Rowing is great for practicing mindfulness whilst exercising, you can develop a great mind/body connection by focusing on the technique and different stages of connection throughout the workout.  The rhythm and flow of the strokes also help develop a more relaxed exercising mindset, allowing you to enjoy the session rather than focus on the struggle.  All rowing coaches find that mindful athletes reap the most rewards from their training, this is why at asensei, the coaches focus on motivating you to be the best version of yourself – mind, body and soul.


5)    Versatility

If you get bored easy or hate long cardio sessions, the rowing machine is perfect.  The rowing ergometer (erg) is ideal for completing both high intensity cardio workouts, and lower rate fat-burning workouts.  You can complete a full resistance based aerobic workout, building and working the muscles in your legs, abs and arms.  Unlike a bike or treadmill, you don’t have to rely on manually changing settings to ease off, the rowing machine stops when you do, ideal for HIIT.  You can complete a good session in less than 30 minutes, perfect for those who are lunchtime warriors or have busy lifestyles.

Check out what programs asensei can offer you here: https://cutt.ly/YnkqrCw

 Indoor Rowing Training

asensei offers programs ranging from interval training to longer, technical sessions - ideal for everyone, from novice rowers to more experienced athlete.  You can choose from different plans to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to complete a fitness test or just boost your overall fitness – asensei can help you achieve those goals. 

Check out the BRVC and get your free training plan: https://asensei.com/pages/brvc 


Eric Murray asensei Rowing Coaching

asensei is free to download and you can trial the first 3 workouts in the (RE)COMMIT program and let Eric calculate a 2k time that he can coach you to achieve in only 6 weeks.

All you need is an iPhone and access to an asensei Compatible rowing machine from Concept 2, WaterRower or FluidRower with a bluetooth capable monitor.

download asensei from the appstore

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