Sit Ready. Attention. Row! British Rowing Virtual Championships

Sit Ready. Attention. Row! British Rowing Virtual Championships

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british rowing virtual championships

It's raceday! To help you manage your nerves and maximise your success, its good to have a routine and plan for your day. Eric gives his top tips to take to the British Rowing Virtual Championships and every competition/test you do in the future.

In the days leading up to the race, you should have already tested your Homerace software and checked your PM5/Computer connection. For more info on setting up your software, see Eric's guide here.

Your raceday routine should go something like this: 

  • 3-4 hours before your race start time have a good meal, a favourite of many rowers is oats! Something that will provide you with plenty of energy, keep you full and not cause any bloating/discomfort. 
  • An hour before, make sure you hydrate, use the bathroom and perhaps have a light snack (Eric's go to is a banana). Get ready for your warmup - this might be by stretching, doing some dynamic movements, foam rolling, whatever is most comfortable for you!
  • 20-30 minutes before, begin your warmup! You should know your warm up routine like the back of your hand, whether it's light rowing with some powerstrokes thrown in or some brief intervals to get your heart pumping.  Give yourself plenty of time to get the lactic acid flowing and your blood pumping! Never go into a race/test without a warm up!
  • You'll get a notification to stop rowing from the Timeteam and a 5 minute to start notification. You'll be sitting ready to go! Don't worry, your instructions will come up on both screens so keep focus and get in the zone. (Eric did a video on getting into flow state here).
  • You will get the racestart on your monitor.  It's the same every time - 'Sit Ready. Attention. Row.' When 'Row' is announced, you're off!

More of Eric's rowing tips are included in his video guide below! 

Check out the BRVC and get your free training plan: 


asensei is free to download and you can trial the first 3 workouts in the (RE)COMMIT program and let Eric calculate a 2k time that he can coach you to achieve in only 6 weeks.

All you need is an iPhone and access to an asensei Compatible rowing machine from Concept 2, WaterRower or FluidRower with a bluetooth capable monitor.

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