End of the Island podcast with asensei CEO Steven Webster

End of the Island podcast with asensei CEO Steven Webster

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We're delighted that The End of the Island podcast with asensei CEO Steven Webster is now available on Spotify! Listen to our founder and CEO Steven Webster as he talks more about indoor rowing, and why he started asensei and where we are going next! 

S4 Episode 14: Money Technology and Practice

You can listen to the podcast below featuring asensei CEO Steven Webster and the team from Junior Rowing News or you can find it on all good podcast providers.  Trust us, this is a good one! 

End of the Island podcast featuring asensei CEO Steven Webster: Episode Description

Asensei is the easiest way to add technique coaching and correction to sport and fitness products. 

Asensei weaves motion capture into sports apparel and knowledge into software so that fitness equipment, training apps and Connected Fitness products can coach and correct athlete’s performance and technique in real-time.

In 2019, Asensei introduced their Connected Rowing Coaching app. All you need is to connect your  Concept2 or bluetooth compatible rowing machine and follow guided training programs from world class coaches like 4x Olympian Eric Murray, Dark Horse Rowing’s Shane Farmer, studio fitness instructor Johan Quie or British Rowing master instructor Clare Holman rowing alongside athletes from the GB rowing team including Saskia Budgett and Tom George.

With Connected Rowing Coaching from Asensei, athletes of all levels have been getting fitter and faster. UK customers receive a free 1-year British Rowing Indoor Subscription.

Download your free trial at www.asensei.com/pages/free-trial 

Podcast Topics

  • Why did asensei choose to start with the sport of rowing?
  • What problem does asensei solve: quality practice when your coach isn't physically present to watch you, and progress you at the right pace.
  • Investments into the indoor sport/connected fitness business.
  • Why John Foley of Peloton is an inspiration.
  • Helen Glover, her journey and how it inspired asensei.
  • How asensei intends to expand in future
  • How indoor rowing is a sport in its own right.
  • Is there a pathway from indoor rowing to on-water rowing?
  • How does asensei form correction and coaching work?
  • Other sports that asensei is suitable for.

More about The End of the Island Rowing Podcast

From the team at Junior Rowing News, based in the United Kingdom, The End of The Island Podcast is a one-stop shop for the latest and greatest from across the rowing circuit.  This episode is hosted by Fergus Mainland and Tom Morgan.

Find out more on Spotify: The End of the Island Podcast 

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