asensei and WaterRower Bring Connected Rowing Coaching for WaterRower Athletes

asensei and WaterRower Bring Connected Rowing Coaching for WaterRower Athletes

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asensei And WaterRower Bring Connected Rowing Coaching
To WaterRower Customers

For those looking to lose weight, gain fitness, or compete at the highest level, asensei, the world’s most popular rowing app, has workouts to ensure WaterRower users nail their goals. 


(San Francisco, CA – Thursday, Aug 11, 2021) asensei, the company offering the easiest way to add technique coaching and correction to sport and fitness products through their Connected Coaching and Connected Fitness technologies, today announced that it’s flagship Connected Rowing Coaching product is now available to WaterRower customers, offering them the same coaching programs from renowned world-class coaches that have been downloaded over 100,000 times since launching at the end of 2018.


Previously only available to Concept2 customers, this integration brings all of asensei’s benefits to an entirely new group of indoor rowers. 4x Olympian Eric Murray has coached thousands of athletes to be fitter and faster, with structured video-guided training programs that help you train for benchmark distances like a 2k or 5k. San Francisco studio fitness instructor Johan Quie brings a collection of high energy high-intensity workouts that are enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts and hardcore rowers alike. YouTube celebrity and renowned rowing coach Shane Farmer developed a unique Dark Horse rowing program for asensei, while British Rowing offer programs from Master the Basics to training programs for Indoor Rowing championships. Unlike a live or on-demand video workout, asensei pushes individuals to their potential by calculating targets and tracking everything from stroke rates, split times, and power profiles. Upgrading to asensei’s motion capture (app)arel product has allowed athletes to get feedback on their technique and form from athletes like Eric Murray, as well as in complementary mobility and strength disciplines such as TRX.


“After spending years refining our Connected Coaching and Connected Fitness technologies on the Concept2 platform, we are bringing another rowing platform into the asensei family,” says asensei founder and CEO, Steven Webster. “We are on a mission to democratize access to world-class coaching and allowing people to workout on the equipment they already own. From athletes winning indoor rowing championships, to gym enthusiasts shedding weight and improving their overall health, we know that asensei brings purpose to practice and helps our customers achieve the goals that motivated their equipment purchase.”

“Whether they rowed at studios like Orange Theory Fitness, or in the comfort and convenience of their home, WaterRower customers kept telling us that they wanted the Connected Rowing Coaching experience from asensei, “ says Ross Arnott, Chief Product Officer of asensei. “Quite simply, asensei lays out the path to achieve your goals, connects you to a community, and pushes you to your potential. We’re excited for this community to grow to include customers who own a WaterRower.”

To learn more about asensei head to and download a free trial.



About asensei: Founded in 2014, asensei is democratizing access to world class instruction by offering the easiest way to add technique coaching to any sport, fitness or physical therapy product. For apparel and equipment providers, connected fitness or brick and mortar facilities, asensei strengthens engagement, locks in loyalty and improves retention by turning solo practice into instructional learning, weaving connected coaching into clothing and showing customers measurable progress along their learning path. The technology platform offers everything a brand needs to bring Connected Coaching to their customers.

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