asensei Welcomes Outdoor and Fitness Industry Veteran Tara Moeller to its Board of Directors

asensei Welcomes Outdoor and Fitness Industry Veteran Tara Moeller to its Board of Directors

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 14th, 2019 - Today, asensei, Inc., a Connected Coaching™ company specializing in digital sports coaching and smart apparel, announced the addition of Tara Moeller to the Board of Directors. A former collegiate athlete and long-time leader in the outdoor and fitness industry, Tara will support asensei leadership as they expand the category with the introduction of a smart apparel technology capable of sensing posture and technique.

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“Last year, we introduced our first Connected Coaching product to market in the fast-growing sports of rowing and indoor rowing”, says Steven Webster, CEO of asensei. “This year, we are working with aspiring category leaders to bring Connected Coaching to further sports and fitness activities. Our Kinetic Capture™ technology, integrated into sports apparel, allows Connected Fitness to move beyond tracking to teaching, to move past cheering and counting to coaching.”

“I’ve been fascinated by the way fitness and technology has taken the sports that I love on a bike, on a trail and on an indoor rowing machine and made them more interactive and fit better into my life”, adds Moeller. “Yet I continue to ask myself the same question about the current crop of Connected Fitness products. What do neither my road bike nor Peloton do? My Concept 2 rowing or a Hydrow? My equipment in the gym or a Tonal gym on the wall? My P90-X DVDs or a connected Mirror? Connected or not, they require me to trade correctness for convenience, accuracy for availability. Unlike asensei, none of the current offerings can observe my posture and form, know how to correct my technique, and use that information to guide, monitor and personally coach me to better performance. asensei isn’t just connected fitness, it’s corrected fitness. I’m blown away by the possibilities for the asensei product within the fitness category and beyond, and excited to help bring it to market”

On the board member search that led to Tara, Webster says, “First, we sought an industry leader who knew how to introduce new products to the sport and fitness market that relied on community and partnership for scale. Second, our advocacy for diversity and inclusion, particularly the representation of women in board-level positions, encouraged us to cast the net beyond our immediate network. Tara’s strength in brand strategy and high degree of business acumen made her a great fit for our board. She brings incredible depth and breadth of experience working with organizations including Strava, Specialized and CamelBak, each of whom knew how critical community and industry collaboration are to successful product launches.”

Moeller has spent the majority of her career in the outdoor industry working with consumer brands.Most recently, she was the head of business at CamelBak Products where she led the launch of it’s first ever e-commerce department. From 2006 to 2011 she led the Specialized marketing team, launching the first advocacy program that infused over $8m into local bicycling markets, while business doubled from $250m to $500m. She has held roles at legacy brands including Old Navy and Coca-Cola and start-up brands including Vufine, Faraday, Houzz and Strava.


Founded in 2014, asensei is democratizing access to world-class sport coaching, by allowing athletes of all abilities to follow coaching programs led by world-class athletes and coaches, in the sport of their choosing. Our Kinetic Capture ™ technology gives asensei sport-specific understanding of posture and movement by embedding motion capture capability into regular sports apparel. The asensei experience can be accessed as easily as pulling on a shirt or pair of shorts, allowing asensei to guide, monitor and correct your practice with real-time feedback. asensei is changing the way aspiring athletes practice sport and fitness, by letting them progress along their own path as they follow coaching programs from sporting heroes.

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