asensei & TRX Partner to Deliver Connected Coaching For Functional Fitness

asensei & TRX Partner to Deliver Connected Coaching For Functional Fitness

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Global community of TRX trainers, ambassadors and athletes will be training asensei in TRX using asensei’s smart (app)arel™ and Connected Coaching™ app.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 20th, 2019 - asensei, the company that is democratizing access to live, in-ear, world-class sport coaching, and TRX, the global leaders in functional training, have announced an innovation partnership to bring asensei’s patented Connected Coaching™ technology and smart (app)arel to selected TRX coaches and athletes. TRX will embark on a program that will take what asensei has learned in Connected Rowing Coaching and build upon it in the strength and conditioning vertical. The TRX community can also pre-order asensei’s smart (app)arel beginning today for $349. The company will begin shipping (app)arel in early 2020.


Tara Moeller joins asensei's Board of Directors


“Our mission is to continually innovate how to most effectively deliver world class training to anyone and to enable everyone, everywhere to move better throughout life,” said TRX Vice President, Chief Science Officer Chris Frankel. “TRX has always had a strong foundation in science-based methodologies. Because asensei is fully aware of technique, posture, fitness and performance level, it is the perfect partner for our community of trainers, ambassadors, and athletes around the globe. We are excited to engage in this final testing phase of asensei to bring Connected Coaching with TRX to the market at the earliest opportunity.”

To deliver truly connected coaching, asensei combines a Connected Coaching™ app, which turns biomechanic data into real-time coaching, with smart (app)arel that is infused with sensors for full-body motion capture. Kinetic Capture™ is the underlying (app)arel technology that allows asensei to understand posture, technique and form for any sport or fitness activity; the Connected Coaching app then provides real-time coaching from world-class coaches, post-workout feedback and dynamic training plans.

“We are fond of saying that counting isn’t coaching and tracking isn’t teaching,” said asensei co-founder Steven Webster. “As coaches ourselves, we imbued asensei with 3 capabilities regardless of the sport you practice - to see what a coach sees, to say what a coach says and to teach how a coach teaches. By learning from the top coaches and experts within TRX, we know that with asensei will unlock the potential of TRX athletes of every ability, with higher quality practice, a focus on technique, and workouts that continuously improve their knowledge and capability.”

After years of research in the areas of motion capture, technique recognition and understanding, and natural user interfaces for digital sports and coaching assistants, founders Steven Webster, Bill Burgar and Ross Arnott, launched asensei to the public with Connected Rowing Coaching in October 2019. The introduction of Connected Coaching and (app)arel™ with Kinetic Capture™ capability marks a move into a wider array of sports including TRX, strength training, yoga, and more.

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Founded in 2014, asensei is democratizing access to world-class sport coaching, by allowing athletes of all abilities to following coaching programs led by world-class athletes and coaches, in the sport of their choosing. Our Kinetic Capture ™ technology gives asensei sport-specific understanding of posture and movement by embedding motion capture capability into regular sports apparel. The asensei experience is enabled through (app)arel - compression apparel infused with Kinetic Capture - allowing asensei to guide, monitor and correct your practice with real-time feedback. asensei is changing the way aspiring athletes practice sport and fitness, by letting them progress along their own path as they follow coaching programs from sporting heroes.

For apparel and equipment brands, asensei offers a digital strategy that turns transactions into subscriptions, content marketing into coaching, and makes the equipment purchase the beginning not the end of the consumer journey.


As the global leaders in functional training, the company’s mission is to democratize world class training and enable everyone, everywhere to move better throughout life. TRX develops the world’s best training equipment, workout programs, and education courses to help people of all fitness levels become better versions of themselves. The company is also the industry’s leading provider of specialized education courses for fitness professionals, supported by a cadre of 350 master instructors who deliver more than 1,500 ongoing education courses each year to fitness professionals in dozens of countries. During the past decade, TRX qualified more than 300,000 training professionals—who comprise a formidable army of ambassadors around the globe. The brand enjoys the patronage of the top professional athletes in every sport, and its equipment and training philosophy is changing the way that soldiers train for combat, athletes at all levels train for competition and regular people of all ages and abilities train for life. For more information about TRX, please visit



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