asensei Screen Capture

asensei Screen Capture

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When we won the 2019 Innovation Award last week at the Fitness and Active Brand summit in Los Angeles, we showed something I don’t usually let people see … how asensei sees YOU, 100s of times a second from 360 degrees.

Unbeknownst to the audience, I walked on stage wearing(app)arel — app-connected apparel capturing my posture and form.

Here’s a screen capture of the moment I switched the PowerPoint presentation to my iPad, and let everyone see me on stage the way asensei was watching me at that moment. That’s not what we show you if you’re an athlete practicing with asensei — all of that information is instead translated into the right coaching cue at just the right time. But sometimes it’s fun to see the wizardry behind the curtain.

For the first time, we’ve made human movement and movement coaching legible, teachable and understandable to a machine. It opens up a myriad of possibilities — sports coaching, physical therapy, the “industrial athlete” and tactical and military applications.

For now, Sports Coaching is where our passion and expertise are, and that’s where we’re getting started.

If you want to join us on the journey, sign up for your own (app)arel.

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(Original Post: Steven Webster — Dec 13, 2019)

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