SENPAI PROGRAM: Smart compression (APP)AREL training program.
SENPAI PROGRAM: Smart compression (APP)AREL training program.

SENPAI PROGRAM: Smart compression (APP)AREL training program.

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Purchase a place on the Senpai program and join a team of likeminded learners who wish to help us get to the Connected Coaching future faster.

As a senpai, you will receive 3 things:


(APP)AREL - be the first to own smart compression apparel with "asensei inside". Full body compression apparel (shirt and pants) infused with a constellation of motion capture sensors will allow asensei to track your posture and technique in real-time, from every angle and direction. The apparel is a black compression base layer, with zippers on ankles and wrists for easy access.

FEATURE UNLOCK - as a Senpai, you'll unlock special capabilities in the app that allow us to push workouts to you that work with your (APP)AREL and allow you to test and provide feedback on your technique in sports including Rowing, Yoga and Strength and Conditioning training including TRX. You'll be able to record your practice and share with the team at asensei, so they can improve asensei's coaching capabilities and give you feedback on your practice and performance.

3 YEARS COMPLEMENTARY MEMBERSHIP TO ASENSEI - as a thank you, our Senpai will become members of asensei for the next 3 years, giving you access to an increasing library of coaching content and Connected Coaching capabilities.

This is a pretail campaign. We are accepting orders now, and will be shipping early in the new year.

*We have stopped accepting orders for Wave 1 of (app)arel shipping in February 2020. Orders placed today will be part of Wave 2, which we expect will be delivered around May 2020. We will confirm delivery dates early in the New Year.

Please indicate your typical sizing. However, before shipping a member of our concierge team will reach out before shipping to correctly size you for your (APP)AREL.