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"This program is just what I needed to stay in shape. I learn a lot and get pushed to higher training limits. Excellent stuff!"


"Great training regime. This program is what rowers need!"

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"It really is the best rowing coach packed into an app. If you row at all, then you must try it."

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Structured programs adapt to your rowing practice and progress. Not just personal training. Personalized training.

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Whether you're just getting started, looking to get in shape, or aiming for the Olympics , we have a coach to get you there.

ConCept2 Integration

asensei talks to your Concept 2, programming your monitor, and analyzing your force curves.

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Eric Murray

"Complete beginner or aspiring Olympian, I want to help you achieve your sport or fitness goals by sharing what I know about rowing." - Eric Murray


Dark Horse Rowing

Everyone in the Dark Horse community had an individual motivation, but we all took a collective first step. Rowing enhanced our lives. Make it the next step in enriching yours.


JOhan Quie

It's time to stop spinning cycles - get the body you want, have the fun you deserve, and learn a new skill on the indoor rowing machine!



With programs for Winter, Fall, Summer and Spring seasons, Hans brings you a training plan refined from his time at University of Washington and the US Men's National Team.

Meet asensei

Experience Connected Coaching

Introducing a new connected coaching app that lets world class coaches guide and monitor your practice on a Concept 2 rowing machine.

More than a workout, this is a series of lessons – build strength and fitness alongside skill and technique as you are guided, monitored and corrected through these programs by your very own personal coach, asensei.

asensei talks to the performance monitors on your Concept 2 rowing machine. She reads force curves. She analyzes your performance and uses that to inform your practice. To inform the intent of your practice. Losing power at higher stroke rates? Losing length when tired? Rushing the recovery? Compensating for poor leg drive with over-use of your arms?

asensei knows. And she’ll be sure to let you know.

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Concept2 Integration

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