HAJIME! Having competed, captained and coached Karate throughout my life, it’s a command that still gives me a burst of adrenalin, a sense of focus, and a state of readiness for whatever is going to happen in the minutes ahead. Meaning “Begin!” it signifies the start of a competitive bout, when all of your training and preparation is put to the test. This is the beginning of your journey with asensei, but it’s also the next step for us to put our work to the test.

Welcome to asensei.

So who are our Senpai? You are early adopters, who want to help us get to this future faster and are willing to help us train asensei by watching you practice, and learning how real coaches give you feedback and coaching when they watch that practice. You are innovators in the apparel industry, who know that your customers want to be coached not just counted, taught not just tracked. You are fitness equipment manufacturers. Some of you have led the industry for years and want to know how you can be part of the digital transformation of sport and fitness. And some of you are new entrants or soon-to-be entrants into the Connected Fitness category, who are curious about the potential of asensei to deliver your customers the best imaginable experience. And finally, some of you are athletes and coaches with eyes set on Olympics forced to build to the event from home. All of you will leave your fingerprints on the final version of this product that we bring to market.

Below, the team and I are going to share with you everything you need to get ready for your (app)arel arriving in the coming days. We want to guide you through your first experience of asensei to make sure it goes smoothly, and to help us learn where the sharp corners are.

We want to give you a glimpse of what Connected Coaching with asensei is going to be like, before encouraging you to workout with us in various sports and activities, and share your workout with us. We’ll give you feedback from real coaches, and we’ll use that feedback to train asensei so she can deliver that same coaching to anyone wearing (app)arel in the future.

In my own dojo, at University of Edinburgh, teaching my students was the greatest learning for me, and the foundation for lifelong relationship. I suspect this might just be the same.

It’s time to start training together.


CEO, asensei.


We’d like to be part of your first experience of asensei. We want to make sure your first experience of asensei goes smoothly, and there is tremendous learning for us being a fly on the wall when our first customers take part in their first workout with asensei.

Please reach out to us at and propose some times that work for you. If you already have the asensei app installed and have an account with us, please email us from that email address.

One or more of Steven Webster (Chief Executive Officer), Bill Burgar (Chief Technology Officer) or Ross Arnott (Chief Product Officer) will then schedule a Zoom call with you and walk you through your first experience of asensei. We are split between the West Coast of the USA and the UK, so whatever time you want to meet, we’ve got you covered.


There are some steps you can take before your orientation session with us, that should ensure things go smoothly.


1. Install & Run the latest version of the asensei app

The very latest version of the asensei app (version 1.11) in the App Store includes functionality that will be unlocked if you own asensei (app)arel.


2. Download from the App Store

Go to asensei on the App Store and download the app if you do not have it installed on your iPad or iPhone already. If you have the app already, go to this page and update to make sure you have the latest version.


3. Sign up or Sign in

If you already have an asensei account (you have been using the app for Connected Rowing Coaching) then sign in to the app using that email address and password. Make sure when you email to schedule your orientation session, you tell us which email address you use for asensei.

If you do not have an asensei account, then you can create one as soon as you launch the app. Similarly, please let us know the email address you decide to use when you create the account, when you schedule your orientation with us by emailing

If you sign up with Apple or Facebook, please let us know, as it will better help us identify your account in our systems, and give you access to (app)arel capability.


4. Senpai Terms & Conditions

When you sign in, you are accepting the terms and conditions for asensei. For avoidance of doubt however, we want to highlight a few areas that are of particular importance to asensei (app)arel.

● You agree not to disassemble or reverse engineer, disassemble, deconstruct or reverse compile the asensei product for any reason.

● You understand that you are taking part in a beta program, and that the product you are using may or may not be representative of the final product.

● You understand that you are not to disclose possible product features and capabilities, or your experience using the product, to 3rd parties outside of your own organization, including but not limited to press, without the written approval of asensei.


5. Charge your Sensor Modules

You should have found 2 modules in your box, one for your shirt and one for your pants. These modules contain the battery, as well as the processor and bluetooth devices that translate your posture and movement from sensors woven throughout your clothing into something asensei can understand.

We also provided 2 charging cables which can plug into any USB charger. You should get into the habit of charging your modules after every use - partly to establish the discipline of removing them so you don’t lose them or inadvertently wash them.

As the modules are charging they will flash red. When they are fully charged, but plugged into power, the light will turn to solid red.

Please charge both modules before your orientation session.



asensei’s new ‘all-in-one’ offer gives full access to all our coaches programs. It’s a series of lessons – building fitness and technique as you’re guided, monitored and corrected through these programs by asensei.


After your session, we’ll send you a full set of online user manuals, so you can review what we’ve gone through and participate fully in the weeks and months ahead. These will include:

● How to update your firmware

● How to charge your (app)arel correctly

● How to wear and care for your (app)arel correctly

● How to workout with asensei in (app)arel

● How to participate in “supervised coaching” that allows our coaches to teach you and asensei at the same time



We’re very focused on teaching asensei to take you through a daily ritual of TRX practice, following a program of 8 exercise progressions that are the foundation of a strength and mobility program. If you would like us to send you a free gift of TRX Straps, let us know when you sign up for your orientation session.



We’re actively recruiting a team of coaches who will review your practice with asensei and provide you with monthly feedback on your practice, and use that feedback to train asensei to watch you and others practice and improve in these sports and activities.

We’ll be adding support for other sports and activities as well. This is a premium service we’re going to offer asensei customers in addition to their monthly subscription. We’ve already promised you a 3-year subscription to our digital coaching, and we’ll offer you a year of “supervised coaching” for free in addition.



As we start to train asensei from “supervised coaching” sessions, we’ll be asking you to test our full AI coaching, where asensei will watch and give you feedback in real-time.