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If asensei excites you as much as us, and you want to help athletes and coaches realize their potential, introduce yourself. Or take a look at our varied, flexible roles below.

Atheletic Squad

They're the connective tissue between our product, our technology, and the global community of athletes and coaches dedicated to gains. They've lived and breathed their sport, mastered its movements and found purpose in its practice. That's what makes them so inspiring – as coaches, community builders and asensei evangelists.

Asensei Squad

They bring asensei to life. Her knowledge, intelligence, understanding, and most of all – her evolution. They are designers, copywriters, data scientists and software engineers obsessed with the future of voice technology, natural user interfaces, machine learning, anticipatory experiences and personal AI. And their mission is to deliver the best sport coaching experience imaginable

Apparel Squad

These guys help weave "kinetic capture" into the clothing of the world's leading apparel companies. They are fashion designers, industrial designers, hardware and firmware engineers working together at the intersection of textile and technology. Their reference designs for smart garments communicate an athlete's every movement to asensei so she can coach them to perfection.

Skills Squad

They're as competitive as the coaches and athletes they're inspired to support. Whether in operations, sales or marketing, these guys care about three things: Are athletes practicing with us? Are they getting better because they practice with us? And are they recommending us to other athletes? The democratization of world-class sports coaching begins here.