Row better, sooner. asensei feels your stroke through the kit you wear, coaches expertly and programs perfectly.






Cool down. Shower. Fuel up. And talk progress when it suits you. From the work to the wins and the what next - asensei covers everything, forgets nothing and focuses only on you.

Row - record - watch - rewind - remember. The old ways are over. asensei watches you move, as you move, responds in the moment and evaluates over time.

asensei moves at your speed. She understands which cues you need today; which to save for tomorrow. What will make a difference; what won´t. When to stay high level and when to dive deep. Every movement is recorded, analyzed, compared. Every breakthrough anchored in your muscle memory.

As you progress; asensei evolves. Biomechanics, technique, skills, drills - anything asensei needs to know is learned. New athletes inspire new approaches. And the latest science becomes your gains.



You don´t show up for the training; you show up for the win. To beat the best - yours and everyone else´s. asensei doesn´t make you train; she makes you want to train. Every stroke, every session, every season - asensei is right there with you.


asensei knows rowing; why and when and how. And she knows you. Kinetic capture in your favorite sportswear feels every movement. asensei responds. Corrects your form. Speaks to your equipment. Hears your heart rate. Think superhuman technology for every human athlete.



Say hello to the world´s best coaches. They set the work; asensei makes it work for you. Watching, responding, adjusting, encouraging - just as they would.


Shatter a PB. Lead your crew. Make the games. Whatever training means to you, asensei will assemble the experts. Structured around your life, paced according to your progress, and with specialists on hand when you need them - every single session, every moment, every input is specific to you.

Want a breakdown of your 2k progress? To know your score this time last year? Or which lifts have boosted your leg drive? Every split, every second, every session. Summaries are placed in your training journal and data available in an instant. Think 24/7 access to your own personal success story.